About ten years ago my friend Michelle B. started a neighborhood group. She posted fliers on everyone’s door for all the ladies to meet at her house and at least thirty people came. From this meeting, we formed two bunco groups that met monthy.

Bunco is a game with twelve players, three dice, a bell, and a prize (click here for the rules). For our prize, we did money, five bucks from each player.

During the early years, we met at each other’s houses. Each member would take a month and one night they would shoo away the husband and children for the night, do some light snacks and a few bottles of wine. Since we all lived in the same neighborhood and were on foot, that meant we got plastered and wobbled back home on foot.

Before long the game became less and less important. Now we just meet to socialize. Still once per month and we no longer call it bunco, we call it drunko. Even though we don’t even drink that much because most of us have moved from the old neighborhood and must drive home.

Funny thing, I started this post earlier today and can’t remember what exactly it is I wanted to say about it. Maybe it was about the ornament exchange our drunko group had this week.

Oh well, it was probably something about long term friendships. How people that go way back are usually your best friends, the ones who knew you during your “nobody” years. I do keep an eye out for new friends,  I’m not closed to that, but I haven’t joined the bunco group that is starting up in this neighborhood.


8 thoughts on “Drunko

  1. Penguin, our bunco games were fun. it’s a great way to break the ice with new friends.

    Anita, hood ornaments. I should also mention that we sometimes had to play with ghosts.

    Michele, the game has gotten so popular they sell game sets in stores now. We just had three dice, a bell and some paper to write down the scores.

  2. I so agree with you about old friends being the best friends, but the strange thing is how quickly we became solid friends way back in the 8o’s. Even in the early days I couldn’t see a future without my bessy mate, in spite of the fact that our stay in Texas was limited. I think I read somewhere (or came up with it myself?) that people you connect with straight away like that are people we were close to in a past life. And it’s so comforting to meet up with friends that have known you through all stages in your life, that know all about you. Forgive me here, I get seriously soppy and sentimental at Christmas. (even worse than normal) By the time is over I’m drained.
    Love the term “Drunko party”.

  3. You are in my thoughts so much I can almost feel you here, and I’ll be thinking of you and those that’s no longer with us all through next week. Bless you!

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