My Sorry-Ass Cajun Christmas

Around Thanksgiving my nephew Capone told me he was deboning a turkey. Thinking he must have learned from the experts in Cajun Country, I asked him who taught him how to do that. He said he just looked it up on the internet, found out how to debone a chicken and applied that to the turkey.

He reminds me so much of his dad, not afraid to try anything, especially when it comes to cooking.

So I got me a turkey yesterday and searched YouTube to see if anyone had a video of how to make a turducken. I do have a little clip of what a Turducken is if you want to watch it. I wanted one with a Cajun in there to show you the character of the people down there, to kill two birds with one stone, but I didn’t find it. These people are from Houston and may be from Louisiana (last name is Hebert, that’s gotta be from home), but they don’t sound like it.

No, no. If you want to see a Cajun, a real one. Check out this guy, Poo Poo Broussard. He’s a local comedian and has the Cajun thing down to a “T.”

You HAVE to see this, the viral video that made Poo Poo famous. It is EXACTLY how the most Cajun of Cajuns talk. (just takes 30 seconds of your life)

And that coonass is funny. Here is what would have happened if ET landed in Cajun Country. (sucks one minute of your time)

If you want to see more of him, you can find all of his YouTube videos and homepage here. My favorite line on his “about me” description, “MA MOMMA NEVER WUD BRESS FEED ME, SHE SAID SHE JUS LIKE ME AS A FRIN.”

Cajuns are infamous for making fun of themselves, and this is a little exaggerated, but fun.

So that is what I did last night, seached up YouTube just to hear some voices like mine because I am lonesome for my own.


14 thoughts on “My Sorry-Ass Cajun Christmas

  1. Sometimes I listen to local stuff from Hawaii for the same reason Kitty- I don’t sound like a local girl anymore but still- like sometimes when I go back for a visit the old accent comes back in a matter of days and when Luis or one of my friends call they don’t recognize my voice.

    ps…glad you figured out Story Time- this post would make a great story. In the hands of someone like my Grandfather or Aunt…whoo it would be a corker.


  2. Well Miss Kitty, I sure never heard you talk quite like that before. Good thing too, I would have laughed myself right off to the funny farm.
    and spare a thought for me, how often do I get to hear Norwegian here???

  3. Ha. Anita Marie, I’ve already told the kids we are going to sit around the tree and tell stories, to get one ready.

    Liv, I don’t know if anyone really talks like that anymore. When I lived there only some old people talked like that and not too many. It’s a lost culture, I guess. Only exists in the mind now.

    Voodoo, tell everyone “Merry Christmas” for me. And have yourself a good one too.

  4. Merry Christmas yall. Ken wants to leave rice and gravy for santa tonight with a big cup of chocolate milk. I told her no coo-yon Santa only likes cookies and milk. Her face turn to the side like she did not understand and asked me ” Why he dont like rice and gravy?” It was so funny. I could not make up an excuse. I just told her because. She never asked about it again.

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  6. I wanted turducken, too, but someone who cannot be named, cooked the turkey on Thanksgiving. Here’s a reason to be thankful. He left the neck bag in it. We could’ve died from food poisoning! Anyhoot, he gets special monitoring after that! LOL I cooked the Christmas turkey and happened upon some Tony Cachere’s just in time, too. I ran out of it a few months back. I mail ordered it as I couldn’t find it locally at a whopping $13.00 a pound. (Most of that was postal fees.) Tony can send you a real turducken if you want one. I wonder if this guy on You Tube knows any good nutria recipes? LOL

  7. I can buy turducken here, but it’s about $60. I’m not crazy about the duck part, it’s too greasy.

    Wow, $13 a pound to ship, that stuff has got to be good, huh?
    You can make your own Tony’s. Look around on the web, the recipe is out there, I’ve seen it.

  8. …and then there’s the PORKEN! – Wrap a deboned whole 3-4lb chicken (skin pierced, oiled and salted) around a well seasoned (salted, cajun seasonings and lottsa coarse cracked black pepper) 3lb pork roast (sirloin or porketta). Be sure to brush some Frank’s Red Hot (Durkee now) inside the chicken before wrapping it around the pork.The gravy from this roast beast is no less than ASTONISHING!

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