Ready, Set, Christmas

My turkey is deboned (took about an hour, only cut myself once), my sweet potatoes are baked, and the presents are ready to be wrapped. We’ll open some presents tonight and do some more tomorrow.

Not that we have a lot of presents, I just don’t like opening them all on Christmas Eve or on Christmas. It’s more fun to drag it out over two days.

I had a lot of fun telling the kids what I almost got them.


12 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours my friend!
    As you know I celebrate Christmas Eve. Wonderful day. Invited Graeme and Elysia for dinner too as Kate is with her sister. But after everyone had gone I wish I’d made a one pot dish and used paper plates. I was clearing up until 3am!!!
    Still, happy day.

  2. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and yours. I’ve been up all night cooking. Don’t know if I’ll get to sleep at all. I took a nap from about 11PM to 2AM and started cooking.
    Did you make the sweet potatoes?

  3. Merry Christmas Kitty. I hope everyone has safe and happy holiiday. I am getting Aiden this afternoon so I will take some pictures and email them to you.

    We are taking the easy way out this Christmas we are cooking a seafood gumbo.

  4. Wow, I’m fantasizing about your dinner. Anyway, I agree about opening presents over a two day period. When I was married, my ex and I fought terribly over when to tear open our gifts. He preferred the night before – I wanted to do it late afternoon Christmas. We ended up geting so mad at each other that our holiday was ruined.

    Holy cow, I see snow again.

  5. That was the plan, but we ended up opening them all on Christmas Eve.

    The snow is cool, I love it. Sometimes it comes from the left, sometimes it comes from the right. Depends on where the blog wind is coming from.

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