Presents For Everyone!

Merry Christmas!

While I am cooking the big Christmas feast I’m thinking, what could I give you for Christmas? I would like to thank you for reading, what can I do? Hmmm…

Okay, I have a few things.

Look under my blog tree.

Choose one present and click on it. What did you get? [edited note: the presents were all taken home, so the photo links are no longer active, come back next year.]

If you are reading this in a feed, you have to click on my blog so you can see the snow. The cool dude at WordPress made a snow widget. Come see.

Now have yourself a Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by.



19 thoughts on “Presents For Everyone!

  1. Is that chocolate? That can never be wrong.
    I think I got the best one, but being a right nosey so ‘n so, I’ gonna cheat and check the others too.
    Thank you. Such a lovely treat for us. I’m sending you a big smile from me.
    Love the snow going. How’s the weather over there? heard the awful snow storms have gone down as far as Texas. Must be true, it’s all over your page.

  2. Cool snow. That so rocks.

    I got the chocolate and it said take another present so natch I took that to heart and got dog smiles too.

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  4. Thanks Boz, Max, and Liv.

    I would have clicked on all the presents too. There is something if you click on the tree as well.
    But I’m warning you not to click on the tree.

  5. Thanks for continuing the Christmas mood. I love the snow!

    Oh and I cheated and clicked everything–even the tree. I think I’m getting buried in snow.

  6. I’m with Kym. I clicked everything that would click. Thanks you for all the prezzies beautiful Mizz Kitty & Merry Christmas!!!

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