Back Fire

Over ten years of nursing and years and years of child rearing, I have never hurt my back. Early on, I learned to use my back properly through nursing school and then constant body mechanics classes through my employers. Not one backache.

Until yesterday. It was the treadmill that did me in, I think. Must be. Maybe I overdid it. Or didn’t stretch out enough prior to getting on it. Problem is, I have an incredibly high pain threshold. My leg was hurting a little at first but I just ignored it, put on my music and zoned out.

The back pain started after I got out of the shower. It was sudden and made me see stars. Pain shooting down my right leg and all over the right side of my back. I assume this is sciatica. Iced it down and watched about seven episodes of Season One of Heroes.

Today it is much better and I plan to be back on the pain machine tomorrow. Or else.

Blane has suffered with back pain for years and has avoided surgery and drugs by using theResist-a-Ball. Stephanie and Mike Morris, the couple who introduced this ball to the fitness industry are friends of ours. I ran into Stephanie last spring while in Louisiana and told her how much it helped Blane and she was just about in tears. She wants Blane’s testimonial to put on her website.


17 thoughts on “Back Fire

  1. BTW, – Power Systems is awesome. You can see the logo on the Resist a Ball site. You can buy lots of awesome stuff through them. This is where I now get all of my gear.

    I have one of these balls already except I bought it under another name, years ago at Sports Authority. My massage therapist swars by ’em.

  2. I’m not sure if it is sciatica, but it feels like something is pinched.

    Thanks for the link. I don’t buy much equipment anymore. Blane has a gym set up in the house: treadmill, bike, free weights, pull up bar, even a rubber man we can punch and kick.

  3. Old age creeping up on while you weren’t watching eh? As you know my back’s been a bit of bugger since I was 22. (Just remembered the day you left last summer. I find it SOOO funny now,) You really need to respect your back, listen to the warnings!!!

  4. It may be you just did too much too fast. after being off of working out for months. Hope it feels better soon. JB’s mother passed away yesterday. She is my cousin. Take care.

  5. You will not be back on the machine today. You will not be back on the machine tomorrow. You will wait.

    Sciatica is not a diagnosis. It is a description of symptoms. With undiscovered and undiagnosed cause and just saying “Oh it is sciatica” well that just means you know what hurts that does not mean you know why it hurts. And it would be irrevocably stupid to stick yourself immediately right back into the possible source because that runs the risk of exacerbating the injury and sticking you with that pain forever.

    I can count on one hand the parts of my body that have not been injured. And if I know one thing about injuries it is, you pay now or you pay later.

    Paying now means, you sit it out a little while and let your body heal and then if you are lucky go back to normal.

    Paying later means you do not listen to or give your body a break and it never heals right and you never go back to normal you hurt forever.

    I learned that the hard way. Don’t you.

  6. Hope your recovery is going as planned. I’ve been lucky in my 42 years never to have serious back probs. As Max clearly states, it’s nothing to ignore and hope it gets better. Give yourself at least 48 hours of no pain before strenuous exercise again – high pain tolerance or not!

  7. Voodoo, I think that’s what it is, I thought I could do what I used to do.

    Max, Liv, Daily, I think I will hold off for a few more days. It’s much better already, but I don’t want to end up with long term problems.

  8. We all wish we could do what we used to do. I used to be able to touch my knees with my forehead,( without strain) now I can ……..well, look at them…..

  9. I was just trying to do the same amount of exercise I used to do 6 months ago. No backflips or high kicks. Just powerwalking and riding my stationary bike. A little bit of free weights.

    And yeah, I have a moutain of paperwork to do anyway. Can’t run from that any longer.

  10. You did not necessarily do it exercising. There are lots of ways to upset a nerve — one good fast way is wrestling a reluctant dog under sprinkler spray at 3 am. [Do not ask me where I get these ideas.] But, however you got it mad in the first place, if you hurt it, and then exercise? You can exacerbate the hell out of what started out just a mildly annoyed nerve and end up with a pissed off hell bent on revenge nerve. You are taking ibuprofen right? You want to rest it and take anti inflamatories to keep pressure down.

  11. Kitty, interesting to see this post. My son, Dakota (we call him Koda Bear) has a Resist-A-Ball that his therapist gave us years ago.

    Not sure if you remember from my story, but I had twins born 4 months early. Dawson passed away a few days after birth but Koda Bear hung in there. My miracle child. He weighed just over a pound at birth, wasn’t even fully formed yet. Long story short, he has Cerebral Palsy and was diagnosed left side paralyzed. We were told he would never even be able to sit up by himself or move around on his own at all. No rolling, no crawling, no sitting… After trying many different kinds of therapy to help loosen his muscles, we took over and decided to do it our way. He couldn’t use his left arm or leg and they were drawn up close to body and his muscles were too tight to extend either limb. I started massaging his body every hour on the hour and after about six months we were able to almost fully extend his arm and leg. He was too weak to use much of his body though.

    His therapist gave us a Resist-A-Ball to use at home, showed us some exercises to do with him, and at 8 years old not only can he sit up by himself and walk… he runs (much faster than me LOL). Last year this child they said would never be able to do anything on his own won first place in the race he ran in the county Special Olympics… his aide who was running with him couldn’t keep up with him! All we did was the massaging early on and then it was solely working with the ball.

    Anyway, had to share… when I saw the name Resist-A-Ball I almost started crying.

    Ok… now I am crying.

  12. Max, I am taking naproxin, an antiinflammatory around the clock. It seems to be working and it might also be why I’m not having much pain right now. I’ll still wait a few days.

    Wow, Saved, that is an amazing story. I’ll have to send it to Stephanie. She also has a son who is handicapped, spinal cord injury.

  13. Saved, what a beautiful and touching story! May he go on to achieve all that he wants from life. I’m sure he will with such “against all odds” parents as examples.

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