Double Dog Dare Ya

Blogging every day for a month was a little difficult but fun. I can’t keep up with that pace, however, and I do think people need a break from my blog so they can go read and comment on other things out there.

For those of you from Holidailies who would like to continue to blog every day, I double dog dare you to sign up for a year-long blogathon at   Blog 365.

Last time I checked, about 800 people had signed up for the deed.

Max over at Celluloid Blonde blogged every day last year. Go Max! She did it on her own, though, without a group. I hope she continues to blog every day. Reading Max is sort of like my morning paper. She usually posts about the same time every day which is about 2 AM for me. Sometimes I find myself at the computer waiting for her next post to come out.

Hope you all have a great 2008.


23 thoughts on “Double Dog Dare Ya

  1. I salute your enjoyable efforts Kitty!!! December is a difficult and busy time, so I’m amased that you’ve been able to keep it up. But thank God you have.

  2. I couldn’t do it every day for a year. Maybe if I did it from my mobile, but that thing is just too slow. I’m just not home for about two months out of the year usually.

    Liv, you should start a blog. {{{join us, join us}}}

  3. I have a hard enough time working on my blog, I try to do it daily but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Life sure gets in the way sometimes. The hardest part for me is coming up… with MCR taking a break I will have much less MCR related material to work with!

    Guess this means I will have no excuse for not getting more done on my novel (I’m already so behind schedule it’s painful).

  4. Elisabeth, Blog 12 is not a bad idea.

    Liv, I have gotten quite a few people to start blogs.

    Max, I hope you plan to keep the “late night” paper going throughout 2008. Quite a few people are addicted.

  5. Oh, no, Anita Marie, I’m not doing it. No way-hey.
    You blog every day, don’t you? I’m not sure, but it seems like you have a new post every day on your IB site.

    Happy New Year, Diesel.

  6. Anita mostly posts every day and on several sites and also more than one post on some sites but she is threatening to take a holiday to go cavort with extra terrestials which I find highly dangerous behavior because what if they abscond with her? Then I will have to go on some extra terrestrial bounty hunting spree to bring her back. Sheesh.

  7. Well I only watched it part way through. It gets better?

    [I am skeptical, all I saw was a guy in a bad what looked like reindeer suit pretending to be an extra terrestrial and then some really sad camera work trying to make him look small.]

    I told you I was a film school slut right? [As in slut to the equipment, not the guys, you pervs.]

  8. LOL. Yeah, that freak in the reindeer suit is what cracked me up.

    I obviously didn’t get all messed up by film school and can watch just about anything without getting physically ill.

    They purposely made these videos look unsophisticated.

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