Paid In Full

Poor Blane, right after we got back from the AT&T Store he asked if I was going to blog that he made good on his IOU. He did, and not only did I get a new phone, but so did the girls. Their phones were free just for signing up for new service. Not cheesy phones, but cool sliders with an mp3 player and 2 mp camera. Blane was already on AT&T through his work, so he didn’t get a new phone.

I ended up going with the iPhone (over the Tilt) because it’s an Apple product. They are reliable and work as they should. It’s simple, when you get something from them, you turn it on, and it’s ready to use. You don’t even need to read an instruction manual.

I am yet to even read the quick start guide. The phone plugs into my Mac just as the iPod does using the same cable. iTunes knows what it is and tells you what to do. It activated my phone for me.

I’m making calls, texting, watching YouTube videos, taking photos, sending and receiving email, listening to my playlists… i even got lost (yes, already, in my own city) and used the Google maps function to get out of that jam.

All this without cracking open a single manual. I did go to AskDave to find out how to move my contacts to my iPhone from my Treo. (If you ever want to know how to do anything Apple related, he has the answers)

I don’t have a single complaint. I thought the keyboard would be a bitch because it is touchscreen, but it is actually better and faster than typing on those tiny Blackberry keys.

Okay, I lie. There is one complaint. I wish I could unlock this phone so I could change out the sim card while traveling. Still, I could at least use this phone while traveling abroad on ATT networks if needed. I couldn’t do that with my other phone. Also, if I find a wifi spot somewhere? Watch out, man, I’ll be travel blogging. Live.

No trips planned yet, but you can bet I’ll be bringing this thing wherever we go.

Now if I could just get this thing to bang out screenplays…


6 thoughts on “Paid In Full

  1. Congrats! I’m thinking of switching over and getting an iPhone but I’ve had Sprint for over a decade….and it is a reliable service? At&T I mean? Well, Daily says it is, so it must be lol

    Everyone I know has an iPhone and they love it…I’ve played around with theirs and it is fun!

  2. I’m on Verizon, so I’m okay with a computer, iPod, and cell phone separate. Have you blogged by using the iPhone yet?

    In other news, if I had an iPhone, I would probably use a stylus. Fingerprints bother me. Minor obsessive compulsiveness, you see. 🙂

  3. It’s so good that you have a man who supports your need for technology. I am looking forward to the Travel Blogging and the screenplays, even if they *only* come from you and aren’t automatically created by your new phone.

  4. Daily, I’m pleased with the call quality of AT&T. It used to be bad here years ago, but they’ve built out their network and all is good.

    Stil, I was on Sprint for years and in the last three, their billing department just about drove me crazy. Every single month they overcharged me. That means I was on the phone with them for at least an hour to straighten out their messes. They also would do things like change my contract for every little change we made. For instance, when Blane left our family plan because he got a corporate phone, they added another three years to our contract. The minute we got out from under their contracts, the billing miraculously was correct. I often wonder how many people just pay what Sprint says they owe them because they are too busy or don’t know how to settle disputes.

    Michele, the screen is huge. The largest of any mobile phone. Also, you can zoom in by putting two fingers on it and spreading them apart. No, I don’t have any problems reading the screen.

    Penguin, that’s true, you can’t use a stylus. I never liked using those. They sell screensavers that minimize fingerprints. I haven’t used the iPhone to blog just yet, but I have read some blogs from it. Next time I crank it up, I’ll go leave a comment on your blog using the phone.

    Thanks Videoxy. Yeah, Blane is a techno geek, so he was quite helpful with helping me find the right carrier.

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