I’m Liking Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

Radiohead have finally released their experimental album “In Rainbows” on CD and for download from iTunes ($9.99) and here at Amazon for $7.99. I know Radiohead have done some experimental music before, but what was different about this one was the way it was first released.

Radiohead offered the download for sale over the internet in November 2007. The price? Whatever you wanted to pay.

Since it got such great reviews, I decided to buy the entire album. I prefer hard copy if I’m buying the entire CD, so I had to wait until it came out in stores a couple of weeks ago. (It is no longer available as a pay what you want download.)

I’m liking it, especially this track, “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi.” It has a liquid sound.

The animation is “Wind Along The Coast” by Russian animator Ivan Maximov.

7 thoughts on “I’m Liking Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

  1. I’m also liking the new Radiohead. I hadn’t seen this music video yet, though – thanks for sharing. It def. adds to the song.

  2. This one isn’t their “official” video for “Weird Fishes.” I just liked this one better because the one the record company put out there has this strange static screen and sound for the first few seconds of it. First time I saw theirs I thought something was wrong with my computer.

  3. Thom Yorke has a definite water theme running through his life. I love Radiohead’s music, as did Owen. Did Candace? Owen had a water-theme life, as you know from his death, but it was a lifetime theme, not just the score at the end of his movie. I think of Candace often, especially after your last email to me. While I can’t imagine my losses (even while living them), I can’t imagine your family’s either (please send your mama my love).

    I think “Pyramid Song” may have been Owen’s mantra. I’m sure you know the song, but if not, and if you feel like taking a trip into the dark pit we know as grief, here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqP0WNpojFM

    To Candace at 19, Owen at 20, a message from Radiohead: “…all the pasts and futures…there was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt.”

  4. Then, let Owen and my family offer the song as a blessing to yours. It’s not really that scary if you listen to the words, and accept the video as just one interpretation. Like I said, I think of Candace often. She and Owen may had lots in common, even if they didn’t know it. So many young people do, ya know?

  5. Thank you Linda.
    That is a very complicated song. LOL. There are a lot of hidden meanings in there and I think even some mathematical equations involving the drum beat/pacing.

    I will go hunt down those lyrics and take a look at them. Thanks.

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