Text The Google

Something I have found quite useful lately is texting messages (SMS) to Google for information.

It is so easy, I prefer it to using the internet on my computer or iPhone for things like movies and showtimes, defining a word, getting directions, or finding a restaurant.

This is useful for people in the US, so keep that in mind. Yes, i know people abroad have been using this, but we haven’t gotten into texting so much because our mobile voice calls are so cheap.

Any phone with texting ability can be used for these free Google services. On my mobile plan I get unlimited texts, so I pay nothing to send or receive texts.

If I want to know what movies are playing in my area, I text “M” to 46645 (which is GOOGL on the number pad). Within five seconds I receive a free text message with three movie choices. If I don’t like these, I reply with “Next” and get more movie choices. Along with the movie choices, I get showtimes and cinema locations.

If I want to define a word, I text “d” and the word. Voila, the answer in five seconds and no bunny trail of search results.

I could even get directions using this thing. Sports scores. Stock prices.

Go check out this simple tool. I know it’s been around for a while, but even my teenagers who RULE when it comes to texting didn’t know about this. It might end up helping them get out of a jam in the future.

Google explains it best right here. You could also just text “help” to 46645 just to find out what you could do with this thing.


8 thoughts on “Text The Google

  1. This is awesome. I can tell you are loving your new Iphone. If you have the family plan with AT&T and you pay 20 bucks extra for unlimited texting on your iphone you are paying twice. Family plans are unlimited so after the few hundred allowed on the iphone media plan you then would roll over to the family plan. Sorry to hog your blog but it adds up and I paid the extra bucks before finding it out. Google is going to be my new BFF! LOL

  2. I am loving my new phone, thanks for the info you gave me Jen, it helped me make the decision.
    I had to pay for unlimited texting because I have two teenagers. One of them texts on average 2500 texts per month. We don’t have the iPhone family plan where at least two people have the iPhone, we have a regular family plan and then the iPhone plan on top for one phone.

    I’ve been using Google texting every single day since I found out about it. I love that thing.

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