A Little More Time

In just one year we will have a new president. Less than one year. Doesn’t that just sound like cause for celebration?

Wouldn’t it be great if Hillary and Obama would run on the same ticket? Can you imagine what those two could get done, how our world would change? It would certainly show how America has changed before they even step foot in the White House. We need that.

What else? What else… Oh yeah.

In just three months my son Blane will have a viral video on YouTube. He’s making it right now. That is all I’m allowed to say about it.


7 thoughts on “A Little More Time

  1. Amen. It would be so freaking wonderful to Clinton and Obama run together. Not sure if it’s going to happen, but at the very least, as you say, we only have a year left of Bush either way.

  2. Just think, we could go from worst president ever to…
    The sky’s the limit with Obama and Clinton.

    I believe that. I really do.

    And I know FDR would be hard to beat as best president ever.

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