Split Brained Over Politics

I’ve been smitten with Obama since the fall of 2005 when I first heard him speak (I wrote about it here).

I have also always liked Hillary because she was the first politician I ever heard who had the balls to talk about universal health care. That was in the early 90’s and way too close to the cold war. But she did it. And I think the real reason people hate her today is because of that.

I’ve been torn between these two amazing choices until a few weeks ago, when Michelle Obama said she would have to think about whether or not she would vote for Hillary if she were the nominee.

As a lifelong dem party supporter, this stunned me. She would consider voting for McCain? “100 years of war” McCain? This is “I didn’t vote for the war” Obama’s wife.

I could see right there, Obama’s weakness. His Achille’s heel. Michelle Obama.

I also noticed all the favorable press Obama’s been getting, like, everywhere. He is a great scoop. But I don’t trust the manipulative mainstream media. This is the same fear, fear, fear, media that drove people to vote for Bush. The same media that weeks ago made Bill Clinton out to be a racist (c’mon, the dude was the first black president, he has an office in Harlem, does humanitarian work in Africa…) 90% of this media which is owned by what, five major corporations?
Can you trust that?

So I wondered if they were harping on Obama because they think he’d be easier to beat in the general election.

And I wondered if the Obamicans (Republicans for Obama) were crossing over and voting in our primaries because they wanted an easy fight in November. This is a typical Rovian tactic. Crossover vote for the “loser” candidate so you can beat them later.

I just listened to Obama’s speech after the Potomic primaries. Then I watched McCain speak. Back to back. Then I watched the news commentator’s jaws drop. I could see it in their faces. There is no way McCain will beat Obama. Not even with the power of the media. They will have to steal it from him.

When I hear Obama, I tear up. He says things I have been wanting to hear for over twenty years. My right brain goes into overdrive. All will be good. He says college kids they will get $4000 a year to go to college. Not for free though, they will have to do community service for this cash (work in a homeless shelter or a VA hospital), learn a foreign language, or join the Peace Corps. “Yes we can” is sounding more like “yes we will.”

Then my left brain says, wait, he was whining about the Clintons ganging up on him, the republican machine will eat him alive. How’s he going to do all the things he promises? Hillary does things. She, too, wants change. She wanted it first, waaaaaay back when she burst onto the scene with universal health care. And she was around when Bill cleaned up that first Bush mess. We have a big mess to clean.

So I’m stuck back on the fence. The good news is, I don’t think McCain will be able to beat either one of our candidates.

One last word. McCain ended his speech with Obama’s line, “I’m fired up and ready to go.” Did he vote for Obama too?


26 thoughts on “Split Brained Over Politics

  1. If the vote comes down to Hillary vs. McCain, then I’d be willing to bet McCain would win. There are way too many red states who disliked her during the Clinton years, when she *didn’t* have as much power. I would be genuinely surprised to see them crossover and vote her in opposite a man (flawed, absolutely) who is Republican, but less a conservative knee-jerk than Bush. Those states will feel like they’re moving away from their Bush mistake (McCain is more liberal, more reasoned), but Hillary’s not going to inspire them to swing vote all the way across the aisle. Also, for all of her talk about National Healthcare, she did not manage to pull it off when there was a Democratic congress, so a lot of people are going to (probably rightly) assume she cannot do it — and talking about it without having a concrete plan about how she could accomplish it this time is going to just end up being white noise that gets ignored.

    Obama has a chance, though, to beat McCain. He’ll get the Democrat vote and he’ll get the moderate Republican vote, as well as the vote of the poor who’ve been hammered for the last eight years, and particularly right now, closing down on an election year, they are going to remember that the Republicans have pretty much screwed them over.

    Where Obama’s weakness is, is in those promises, without getting his message out as to how he’s going to accomplish them. (Are his methods detailed in his book? I haven’t seen indication that they are.) I think a lot of people are cynical now about political promises without tangible methods on the “how” of it. Small business-owners will also want to know who’s paying for some of these things, because a lot of times, the answer is in business taxes, which the corporations can afford (or have the legal team to side-step)… but the small business-owner cannot. If McCain seizes on those fears and plays to them, giving decent arguments as to how he can accomplish the goals, then he’ll stand a chance against Obama.

  2. The Clintons did have a democratic congress, but the media blitz from the health insurance industry convinced the public they did not want universal health care.

    I do not advocate snuffing out that industry, there are too many people who would lose their jobs and it would throw the economy into turmoil.

    I would like to see more of these issues hashed out, the plan for how they will accomplish these goals. That’s my left brain talking, I own a small business and feel squeezed and powerless at tax time.

  3. All I hear from Obama is a soundbite – “yes we can.” “Yes we can” do what? I don’t know, maybe I am too much of a realist, but I need more meat, I do not need inspirational talk.

  4. Kudos for you for paying attention. Yes, the mainstream media will do its best to push Obama into November. Truth be told, however, he also happens to be the best candidate for this time in our country – when the vast majority of voters turning out for caucuses (cauci?) and primaries are demanding (not just hoping for) sweeping change. We need someone who is not yet tainted with years of D.C. after hours lobbying. I also don’t believe if it were a Billary vs. McCain run off in November that McCain wouldn’t come out on top (to Billary’s dismay). McCain has something Billary only has on the surface and that’s belieavability. McCain knows war is ugly but it also will take diplomacy to get the U.S. out of something we had no business being in in the first place. And if he can’t do it with diplomacy, he may just bang his shoe on the desk in the Oval, put on his pilot suit and fly our troops outta there personally. He does have a bit of a meanstreak in him. See this week’s issue of Newsweek.

  5. A Political Discussion… YAY! Congress is a wasteland. In order to be truly informed a congress man or woman that we elected would have to read the equivalent of the two Harry Potter books “Half Blood Prince” plus “Chamber of Secrets” five times a day (five thousand pages) every day, every year. Try it!
    On the Presidential election, only a Jackass (is that akin to a donkey?) wouldn’t beat McCain… and I have the Highest Respect for the Man. He has given his life for our country, something most of us today can’t even begin to comprehend. BUT, it’s not a Republican year. Period. That’s all. The deciding issue in November will be Iraq.

  6. Michele, I’ve had to go look up the issues on my own. See who stands where on what. I know my mom is not doing that, she doesn’t own a computer. She will end up voting with how things hash out in the msm. Hillary gets bashed constantly in the press. Most of what I hear is negative and unfair.

    Daily, McCain’s been getting a free ride on the msm for years.

    Brut, the republicans are done for and it is time for America to start investing in the people. Education and health care instead of the military industrial complex. A party can only keep the people stupid and afraid for so long.

  7. I’ll have more to say in a minute but I wanted to add this right now.

    If Hillary Clinton is elected (which I’m not sure would happen against McCain) I am almost certain that republicans would unite to take back majority in the house and the senate. The gridlock would block all progress.

    I don’t think this would happen with Obama. I think he has the best shot of both getting elected against McCain and maintaining Democratic control in the house and senate. The only way to make progress and clean up the mess from the last seven years is to have control of BOTH the executive and legislative branches.

    Also, Obama has talked about how he is going to pay for things. Step one, get out of Iraq ASAP. Step two, roll back tax cuts for people who make >$250,000 a year. Step three, lift the cap on SS tax that results in people who make less than $94,000/yr having to pay SS tax on 100% of their income but people who make over that to only have to pay tax on the first $94,000 (for example someone who makes $10,000,000 only pays SS tax on the first $94,000, which means they are only being taxed on less than 1% of their income). Economists have looked at his plan and have said that he can pay for it doing these things. This actually came up in one of the debates but is among the many substantial things he has said that have ended up on the cutting room floor in favor of jokes about being Dick Cheney’s cousin.

  8. Thanks for the info, Zee.

    I still think Hillary could beat McCain. The only way McCain can win is if the dems are divided and just don’t go out an vote in November.

    How do you divide people?
    Sex, race, age, the superdelegate issue. It’s all over the news. constantly.

  9. More of the same “they dismissed most of the states Obama won.”


    Again, only the voters that fit within their narrow definition of the Democratic base count. The rest of us don’t matter (young or black or affluent or male or red state dems or “activists” (I don’t even know what that last one means but it is why ID, WA, NE, ME, CO, UT and IA don’t count)).

    The reason that Obama supporters are saying that they won’t vote for Clinton is because she keeps telling us our votes don’t matter. If our votes don’t matter why should we bother to vote for her if she gets the nomination.

    There is also the fact that she is openly admitting that she plans to win by getting super delegates (at this point it is virtually impossible for them to be leading in pledged delegates at the end of the primary season). She is totally okay with having the decision of the majority of American voters overturned by party insiders. If she somehow gets the nom by manipulating this process and making backroom deals with these people, most of whom aren’t even elected officials, I will never vote for her. It is not a republican conspiricy, it is her own words.

    If the primary season ends with Obama having the popular vote and the most pledged delegates he should get the nomination. I really don’t understand how anyone can see that differently.

    For the record, Obama leads in the popular vote even if you add Florida and Michigan back in.

    My vote does matter. She has no right to say that it doesn’t. I am literally sitting here in tears at the thought that the first time in my life that I vote people are saying it doesn’t matter. I have thrown my heart and soul in this process. I have been campaigning for a year now and I have read nearly every piece of information I could find on all the candidates. How can my vote not matter?

  10. I will readily admit that MSNBC is biased toward Obama. But these are her quotes. her words. They didn’t put a gun to her head and make her say these things.

  11. Debacle in Florida, votes not counting, winning popular vote but not the delegates, decisions made by powerful people behind closed doors…

    Any of this ring a bell or open deep wounds?

    That is how it is supposed to “work.” To divide us.

    I have never had my vote count in a presidential primary, that choice was always made before they got to Texas. It has been like that for 40 years and it always sucked.
    I suck it up and vote for the dem that was chosen by others. This is not a new thing, people not having a say in a primary.

    That would never ever make me sit at home and not vote and let McCain get one vote ahead. Ever. Because I care about the people, ours and theirs dying, in Iraq. I care about our economy which McCain admitted he knows nothing about. Other reasons.

    About the superdelegates, what if evidence is revealed that the RNC sent out a massive email campaign for people to vote for Obama in the primary to mess up Hillary. What if 25% of Obama’s votes are evil crossover votes?
    Would he win in a general election if 25% of the voters in the primary can’t be counted on to come back for the general election?

    If you don’t believe republicans use crossover voting in the primaries as a strategy, go look up Cynthia McKinney in Georgia.

    All that said, it will not come to superdelegates making any decision. This is media hype.

  12. If she wins the nomination fair and square I will vote for her because she is America’s choice. But, if Obama comes out ahead in pledged delegates and popular vote and she ends up with the nomination, no I won’t. If that happens the democratic party no longer represents me. I guess I’ll be a free agent.

  13. The superdelegate thing was already there when Obama made the decision to run as a democrat. It is not a new rule.

    What if Hillary does win the popular vote in the end but the superdelegates decide to make Obama the candidate because of voters remorse from some of the early primary states?

    Would you vote for Obama then?

    I would vote for either of them in the end. Either because they both want the same thing. Better investment of our resources in the people. Not in corporations.

    Obama could always run as an independent, as Ross Perot did. That split the republican party and made that election a cake walk for Bill Cinton.

  14. “What if Hillary does win the popular vote in the end but the superdelegates decide to make Obama the candidate because of voters remorse from some of the early primary states?”

    That is a very unlikely scenerio. But I will commit now that if that happens I won’t vote for him.

  15. IMO, up until a couple of weeks ago the democratic primaries were all about the unspoken issues of race and sex. But, Clinton took the sex issue out of the picture.
    With the firing of Patti Solis Doyle as her campaign manager Clinton has lost a lot of female voters because they saw the dark side of Clinton… unable to accept personal blame or responsibility for anything. .. just as she can’t accept responsibility for her vote on Iraq. Even using her husband’s slippery teflon spray is not helping her now. Women are now voting much more for Obama. Big time more!
    So, I think the big unspoken issue left for Texas is going to be race; with the Latino vote playing a major role.
    Is it Irony .. Or was it just plain stupid? … Firing a woman. The daughter of immigrant parents from Mexico who has given her life career to working for Hillary. Firing her just before the Texas primary?
    The best soap on television continues.

  16. Here’s what decided it for me Kitty- because at first I was willing to wait to see who was going to get the nomination in Colorado-

    For almost 8 years it’s been ‘be afraid, be very afraid’ and after awhile that wears on you- especially after you see what’s been done to America and the rest of the world based on that fear mongering.

    So along comes candidate #1
    ” I’m ready from day 1 ”
    Sounds attractive because that’s one freaking HUGE mess to be cleaned up. If candidate #1 can fix it wow- that takes some of us off the hook.

    Candidate #2 bubbles up and says, ” WE can do this, WE can make this work.”

    And you know what, I KNOW that’s possible.

    So I went for the candidate that asked for all of us to take part in fixing things. You know, maybe that’s not a bad idea. Being it is OUR country.

    Obama 08

  17. Brut, I don’t vote for or against people because they (or their top staff) are white or black or latino or male or female.
    Can they do the job? Doyle didn’t even show up for work the day after the Virginia primary. She wasn’t fired, either. She is still working for Hillary.

    I like your thinking Anita, with the emphasis on “we.” That’s what Obama is all about, getting people involved, getting them to think differently.

    It’s amazing to me how he took the gen x generation, the one which is known for “Here we are now, entertain us” and got them to ditch that mindset.

    I went to some war protests and all I was seeing there were baby boomers. I couldn’t understand why the younger people weren’t showing up, especially since this was their generation that would have to fight this war. All I could think was that these were the affected generation’s parents protesting for them.

    Anyway, no matter how it goes down, Obama is not going away, whether he is president or not, he is THE person to move this country in the right direction. People will not stop listening to him.

  18. Yeah, the “we” thing seems to be the fundamental difference. I think that is one of the reasons that Obama has gotten people so energized. He actually asks something of us. It is interesting, after Obama started using “yes we can” Hillary Clinton started using “yes she can.” I think that really illustrates the different way of approaching things.

  19. Caucuses are not good for people who have to be at work while they are holding the caucus.

    Another instance of not every vote counting.

    Primaries are less fair than general elections. I’ll say again, in Texas, I have never had a say in who wins the presidential primary. Not one time.

  20. … I never knew the charm of spring;
    didn’t say or imply how YOU vote
    …Never met it face to face;
    and Yes she was fired from her job.
    …I never new my heart could sing;
    But, if you want to be upset with me.
    …Never missed a warm embrace;
    I’ll give you reason, are you sitting?
    April in Paris…
    Chestnuts in blossom…

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