You Might Hate Me For This

I found this blog last night, StuffWhitePeopleLike.

I promise if you go there you will end up reading every post, or at least every single blog title. I admit, I did actually see a little of myself there and it stung for a little while. I have a blog, I like coffee, I listen to NPR, have a Mac, iPod, iPhone…

It’s a satirical social commentary on upper and middle class liberals in America. For a while I tried to guess the race and gender of the blog’s authors. I’m guessing they are actually members of the upper middle class and it’s not really about skin color at all.

They know too much.


21 thoughts on “You Might Hate Me For This

  1. Wait. Okay, I am not hammering you, Kitty, but let me get this straight… black people don’t get divorced (the post on top)… they don’t buy iPods? drink coffee? buy books on child rearing?

    It’s not only racist, it’s stupid. A satirical social commentary on upper and middle class liberals… would include blacks. Statistically, maybe that upper category has more whites, still, but the blog is more interested in making broad, insulting statements and pseudo statistical analysis to shore up a sloppy generalization. It’s lazy, and using race and confrontational generalizations in order to generate hits on their blog.

  2. The site is not claiming to be social commentary on the upper and middle classes. It is doing just what it says it is doing. It is talking about white people. And it does not say other groups do none of the things it talks about. It just says white people do. I think it is funny as hell.

  3. That’s the thing, they really aren’t talking about skin color at all.

    I do think they used the white people in the blog title (and theme) to generate hits, but I almost any person can find something on the site that describes something they do (like drink Starbucks coffee) and laugh about it.

    I admit, at first I was angry. I thought it was politically motivated since the elections are around the corner.

  4. Satirical social commentary. I’m thinking the people who write this are making fun of themselves.

    What’s the word drama students make fun of the most? Theater. They say it all the different snobby ways it can be pronounced.

    I bet you the blog authors have degrees in art and drive a Prius.

  5. What is funny to me is – I did not divorce nor did I have kids, I do not play co-ed sports [or any sport for that matter I am pretty uncoordinated], do not recycle [oh the horror], generally do not like sandwiches for lunch…. that is 4 for 4 of the first 4 posts. What is wrong with me?

  6. Kitty,
    I went to the blog and all I got out of it is more people should appreciate life.
    Some learn it and some don’t. Like everything else in the world. Some learn it and
    some don’t. It is a big world out there.

  7. I found them a few days ago too. I think they are hysterical. And, I agree, it isn’t racist. Obviously, they belong to the group they are making fun of (they know too much:>)

  8. Michele, you must have missed the one about writer’s workshops.

    AMM, I would not have clicked on a site called Latte Liberals although that is exactly what it is.

    It’s important not to take this site seriously but think about the things they do talk about. Like recycling. I think back to when I was broke, how I didn’t worry about recycling because I didn’t have anything to recycle (we drank tap water). I was greener as a poor person. Bottled water from the French Alps for instance. How much fuel gets burned getting that water here?

  9. The sickest thing about that site is they are writing from the point of view that is questionable.
    What do people wonder when they go there? Do they think all non-whites think this way?

    I think ultimately it is written by a person in the upper middle class who thinks they know how people without money think. In that sense, I can see how it can do harm, this blog.
    To the people with and without money.

    According to that blog, that makes me white because I am overanalyzing. That makes me laugh.

    I hope more people speak up about their impressions of this blog because I see it as Toni does and I see it as everyone else does.

  10. Well, I was particularly cranky yesterday (I saw some assholes insult someone who’s an unpub’d author, and they did it on a major reviewer’s website), and so I was probably more sensitive and cranky. That said, I still think the point of the site is racist — and if it’s aiming for funny, social sarcasm, it misses, to me, because *that* should be clear from the get go. I think the site would really *like* readers to think it’s being all droll with sarcasm, but I’m not going to spend hours trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. To me, that’s either grossly failed writing or someone jerking everyone’s chain.

    okay, I am still grumpy. sorry.

  11. I appreciate your thoughts Toni. Thanks for speaking up.

    I’ve looked everywhere to see what people are thinking about this and it is such a new blog, there isn’t anything about it in the blogosphere.

    Making fun of white people is not often seen as racist or at least it is excusable, allowed, tolerated. Just as sexism is.

  12. This reminds me of an old movie staring Martin Mull, The History of White People in America. In it he lampoons white culture pretty viciously. There is a laughable scene where the family accuses each other of stealing the other’s personal mayonaise cache. . Each family member has it’s own restaurant sized tub of mayo.

  13. You should try their “other” site… “Stuff Black People Like”, they’ve recently taken it down to do a refit but it’s coming back as “Because ‘Like’ just isn’t a strong enough word”.

    It has been interesting to watch the mini wars between obviously white “whitey” people who are offended out of some kind of knee jerk “I’m white I must protect my black cousins from white ignorance” thing and people who can see how darkly cynical the site really is… when they had their “Stuff Black People Like” site running (it started the same time as the White People one) they were saying the same stereotypical stuff about black people and there were very few angry comments, I can’t remember seeing any… there was even a post on the “Jheri curl” years and I think I remember one on which called Bobby Brown a soul hero.

  14. Hey Gabriel, thanks for the info on that, yeah, that site doesn’t look like it’s by the same people.

    Betty, it seems most people agree, it’s funny and not to be taken too seriously. It’s attracted a lot of attention, for sure, that site is getting about 100k hits per day.

  15. Whoops, I forgot the URLs… this is the original they’re moving away from: and this is the blog as it stands now:

  16. Yeah the thing has just blown up on the web. Like Toni said, they got a lot of attention with the cheap shot that it was about race.
    Controversial topics attract a lot of attention on a blog. I tend to avoid them since I don’t really like to fight.

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