Split Decision

I just finished watching the debates and usually what I do after these things is turn off the tv and write my thoughts.

Overall I found the debate unifying for the democratic party. No huge cheap shots in either direction, but more of “my opponent is a great candidate” and “Bush and McCain are evil.”

I think with so many people voting for both of them, they will just have to do the dream ticket thing. I got the feeling the two of them know something we don’t know. That’s my impression from their behavior toward each other tonight.

Clinton did not appear desperate or grasping in any way. She seemed confident. Her explanation of their differences on universal health care was long overdue.

Obama has to know hers is better, he admits prices for health insurance goes down if more people pay into the system, he said so when he talked about why he would force all parents to buy it for their children.

Now I see more than ever why exactly Obama appeals to younger people, especially those without children. He would let them escape paying into the system during the healthy years when they also don’t have assets to protect and can “risk” getting a half million dollar hospital bill that they will never have to pay.

I have a problem with rounding up votes that way. You are either for universal coverage or not.

So, if there will be a dream ticket, who should be the presidential candidate? I say Obama because that will keep people from wondering if Bill Clinton were running the White House.

For that reason, I may vote for Obama. But I’d have to do a whole lot of hoping and whole lot of believing in the dream ticket idea.

Early voting began this week in Texas, but I’m going to wait until the last day to vote and then caucus that evening. Especially since this race is so close. We get to vote twice in Texas, so each vote is like a half a vote. I could vote for one in the primary and the other in the caucus. Or stay home.


23 thoughts on “Split Decision

  1. Do not stay home Kitty!

    I love being involved in Politics and let me tell you, when I have the chance to speak up on an issue I do, and when I have a chance to support someone I really believe in I will because unless you do things like that any elected official is going to assume you’re good with whatever they do.

    I think that if Health Care is a huge issue for you, you should get involved with that – no matter who goes into Office they need to be reminded daily until it’s done that we expect them to make good on their promise.


  2. Nah, I was just kidding since voting half for Obama and half for Hillary would amount to a tie. There’s always other local races and issues to vote on too, while there.

  3. Bring a snack and sit close to the bathroom.
    That’s the voice of experience here….hey Kitty guess what I got to run our entire Caucus site- ours was small compared to the rest we only had a few hundred people.
    Ha, just kidding.
    But it was pretty exciting to be involved no matter who you were supporting.

  4. I have never been to a caucus in my entire life. That decision’s been made by the time we have our primary/caucus for 40 years running.

    I seriously doubt there will be a lot of people there, this place is a republican stronghold. I’ll probably have the place to myself.

  5. I know, man, this is probably the only time in my life my vote in a presidential primary or election will make a difference. I’m that outnumbered in my district.

  6. Penguin, “socialist” is just a word used to scare us from getting things the public needs.

    Public schools, postal service, the fire department, that’s socialized. Health care for those over 65, that’s socialized.

    Progressive is a better word since neither candidate wants to take over the system and have the government run it. There will still be the health insurance and hospital corporations.

  7. Penguin, things have gotten so bad that people are quitting their jobs so they can get gov’t health care for their children who have pre-existing conditions.

    It’s not that people don’t want to work. They just want access to health care. There are people working two jobs who still can’t afford health insurance. There are people who because of pre-existing conditions can’t even buy it for any amount of money. That’s not right.

    People don’t want the government controlling them, but they are willing to roll over and let the insurance industry bully them?

  8. It’s hard isn’t it?? Voting is a hard won right for women and blacks in this country It’s just great that now we get a chance to vote for one and maybe both of them!

    Your last comment is all about my situation. I thank you for understanding!

  9. I do VooDoo. But if they will run these two together, I think their chances of winning would be better with her as the VP.

    Penguin, you know you’re hangin’ with a liberal, right?
    I saw your Huckabee on SNL last night. He’s a character. I like him better than McCain even though I don’t vote republican.

  10. Kitty, I finally got Woeful to Twitter and I warn you I am going after you next!
    Lifetime set up a Twitter and I got a hundred new followers. I set up a bookclubclass my online bookclub for those doing the Oprah A New Earth web event. How can I get you to join up?

  11. Whew, Jen, I’ll have to check into that first.

    I don’t find my life interesting enough for people to “follow” me around that closely. A girl’s gotta have her secrets.

  12. Oh, I have my work cut out for me now! You sound just like Woe! LOL It’s just fun and I don’t have it hooked up to my phone. It is not so literal as “what are you doing right now” unless you feel like that in the moment. It will be awesome during the general election and certain concerts!! Lots of Hollywood insiders play along by the way…….. : ) OK maybe not lots but some good ones do. Check it out …wait, wait, wait, It’s awesome for insomniacs! or Night people! Ha ha he he

  13. Guess What ???? I was picked to be the offical Oprah/Tolle Twitter for the Web event and I’ll be listed on her website! SO now you have to join! PLEASE!

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