So Who Is StuffWhitePeopleLike?

According to the LA Times, it’s a copy writer named Christian Landers.

Here’s a quote from Gregory Rodriguez’s column, White Like Us.

“I’m writing about the white people who think they’re absolutely unique and individual,” Lander told me. “I’m calling them out and poking fun of myself. The things I post are all the things I like too!”

This too:

Still, Lander is less concerned with cross-ethnic and racial relations than he is with how whites treat each other. As a onetime graduate student in the Midwest, he got tired of coastal condescension of the fly-over states and the glib assumption that “red staters are evil and stupid.”

I thought I smelled something political.


9 thoughts on “So Who Is StuffWhitePeopleLike?

  1. When I first visited the site it was new with only a few comments. I wasn’t sure if someone was trying to start a race war or what because there was a lot of fighting between the people leaving comments.
    Some hypersensitive whites were leaving racial slurs against people of color, and the other way around.

    Yeah, it stings, but it’s pretty hilarious. Especially now that we know it is a white guy who is a latte liberal just making fun of himself.

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