Give Me The Gold

For St. Patrick’s Day I have the funniest YouTube video I’ve ever seen. These people from Alabama claim to have seen a leprechaun up in a tree. Looking at the comments on there, it isn’t funny to everyone. I guess living in the deep south helps to fully understand what is going on.

We had a similar incident in our town where people claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary up in a tree. Every night for a week or so people would gather around that tree and look for her. The thing is, it’s a sort of joke, no one really believes this, they are just playing along to entertain each other. It is small town drama, a reason to gather and have some laughter, fun, and excitement.

This video became so popular in the local area that a DJ did a rap remix for the club scene.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Hope you find a pot of gold.


9 thoughts on “Give Me The Gold

  1. Ha, AJ, that or somebody had a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal that morning.

    Michele, gold is the new green. Have you seen what the dollar is trading at today?

  2. Clare, I’m in your neck of the woods,at my mom’s in south Louisiana. Couldn’t believe that wind storm. Yeah, that rap is gold.

    fenpen, I’m unable to see any youtube videos on a blog with my phone, I’ll have to check it out when I get back to the “real” Internet.

    Max, someone was selling t-shirts with that drawing on it and the line, “I want to know where the gold at.” we bought some, LOL.

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