Twitter the Convention

If you are fascinated by politics, I will be at our County Convention tomorrow (I’m a delegate) and you can follow me on Twitter.

What will make this interesting is this will probably be our last caucus in Texas. We are the only county to meet Sunday as the rest of Texas holds their convention today. I hear Emmit Smith will be there and there are rumors that Clinton and Obama will appear. I’ll let you know if there are any fist fights.

Go Dems! Am I the only democrat who would vote for either Clinton or Obama in November?


13 thoughts on “Twitter the Convention

  1. I’ve got your twitter hooked up to my Iphone! ( ok Zach’s phone but we share) I’ll be waiting for some good tweets!

  2. Man, what a long day yesterday. I was there from 9AM until 3AM. It was a lot like waiting in line for a ride at Six Flags and then the ride gets shut down right before you get on it.

    Waiting in lines for hours just to sign in. Waiting in lines for hours to talk to the credentials committee because some of our delegates were not on the list. I waited in lines for the first six hours of this thing. There were recesses that were supposed to last 30 minutes that dragged on for two hours.

    I left the convention at 3 AM and it still wasn’t finished. I have to admit much of this long drawn out thing was due to cheating and paranoia. This is no way to vote.

  3. Hey Kitty,

    I know its been a while since I posted but i had to search for your blog site.

    I dont know if you talked to Paula lately but I am going to have a baby (due November 2nd) and if it is a girl I am going to name her Candace. Let me know that next time you are coming to town and I will try and get Aiden for you to visit with him.

  4. I know a lot of republicans are saying that, Bunk.

    The dems just want everyone to have health care. We all should have that. There are people working two jobs who don’t make enough to pay for health insurance. People can’t live like that.

    This is not just for the poor. It is for everyone. Say you work at a lollipop factory. You have figured out a better way to make pops and want to start up your own company. The only problem is, you have a kid with a heart condition that is covered by that factory’s health plan but if you quit that job to go with your own business, you will not find a single insurance company who will cover your kid. No lollipop factory for you, only the guy you work for can make those candies because you have the misfortune of having a sick kid. Poor you. No capitalism for you.

  5. Not everyone needs or want the government to provide health care, and the last thing we need is for the government to start regulating another free market industry.

    I’m about to drop out of my health care plan. After running the numbers, it’s cheaper to pay as you go, rather than cough up “insurance” money. I’ll save my premiums and pay only for major medical insurance instead.

    Nothing is free once the feds get hold of it.

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