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Just wanted to share one of my favorite photos I took of the railroad track behind my mom’s house while there in March.

I like the way the sky and its reflection on the rail look like a warped hourglass.


19 thoughts on “Rail

  1. I know this place. Many of days and boyish stories and stunts were pulled off on these very tracks. Possibly even this very spot.

  2. You’re probably right, Capone, that’s right behind Mommie’s. I used to do cartwheels on that rail.

    Thanks Michele and Videoxy. The coolest thing about a well worn rail like this one is the surface is like a mirror finish.

    Wow, Brut, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a steel penny. I’ve seen wheat pennies, but not the steel ones.

  3. I have a couple of steel penny stories. If your interested I’ll tell them to you sometime. I’m packing now, catching a flight tonight.

  4. What I forgot to mention about this shot is that there was a train coming up behind me. LOL.

    I’ll have to upload some of those passing train cars, I got up as close as you can get to a speeding train and took shots of the underneath. My shutter speed was too fast though and it just looks like a train car that is not moving.

    Next time I go, I will find a spot where the wind of the speeding train is moving something, such as branches on a nearby bush or something.

  5. That shot is so good it evokes sounds and smells. It comes alive. (but it’s not worth killing yourself over!!! STAY OFF THE TRACKS!!!)

  6. Not sure how fast, Stil, it has to slow down in city limits.

    Hey Liv, don’t worry, I’m careful around those tracks. I’m wondering if I took you there when you visited our town?

  7. No I don’t think you did. You know my most outstanding memories from that trip is Blane’s dad’s BBQ. Never seen such a big one, or so much meat outside a butcher’s shop. And boy was it tasty!!!! Also the boat trip to the swamps. Amasing!! But what stands out most is seeing that old man giving my little Klaus a crocodile/alligator to hold. I nearly had a heart attack at first, then rushed over to him and seeing the kid showing no fear and having a good grip, I took pictures………..quickly.

  8. Oh, yeah, Popsie’s barbeque. Notorious.

    Liv, I’d love to see those photos next time I’m over at your place. I’d forgotten about the alligator incident. It seems someone had a video camera that day. If Blane’s dad was there, it was probably him. I don’t remember if he was.

  9. Wow – terrific photo. I agree with the others. You should enter that into a contest. Very nice!

    Regarding the steel penny, Kitty, in 1943, the copper that was normally used to make wheat pennies was needed for the allied war effort, so for that year only (1943), they made wheat pennies out of steel.


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