Beautiful Lighted Glass Pipes

In a hotel lobby near here I saw this lighted glass pipe sculpture and was stunned by the beauty of it. It reminds me of fireworks, Silly String, Twizzlers, bad and good hair days, Christmas trees, peace pipes… but mostly it makes me think of taking photos of lights at night without a tripod. Those beautiful goof-ups that I don’t like to delete from the camera.

It’s about 16 feet high. Maybe 20. 

I wish I could create something like this. 

Here is a close up shot:

What do you think about it?


9 thoughts on “Beautiful Lighted Glass Pipes

  1. I think it’s brilliant I like the photos. (I have been lurking Kitty, trust me I read all of your posts!)

  2. Yeah, Michele, it is impressive from far.

    “Is it a Dale Chihuly piece?”

    Boz, I have no idea who did this work. I’d like to find out though. Next time I go there, I’ll ask.

    Jen, I lurk too. No problem.

    FinPen, snakes, yes. Hamster palace, too. I like that.

  3. Le Petit Chat,

    If you saw this amazing sculpture in a hotel lobby, I want to know what the rooms look like. Do you have any pictures of them?

    I LOVE the colors and the curves, kind of a sexy chaos thingamajig. I went to a party sponsored by one of our (work) divisions this evening, just for 27 minutes, because I had an appointment to get my hair cut and wasn’t about to miss it. I arrived on time, had my hair cut, and left the salon with the curls I knew were hiding underneath the stressed, dry, brittle, white overcoat that hid my healthy hair underneath. When I left, I felt much like this sculpture – beautiful, curly, fun, and colorful. I went back to the party, and left an hour later feeling like a brilliant sculpture.

    Fun pictures. Fun sculpture. Thanks for the adventure into curvy lights.


  4. Hi Linda. Good and bad hair day all in one. I just got mine cut last week and what a difference little things like this can do.

    The hotel is connected to a convention center and that glass sculpture is actually in the convention lobby. This same artist did a lot of the fixtures for the hotel lobby and spa areas but I didn’t get any photos of those, unfortunately.

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