Would You Rather…

Spanky got a board game from her brother for her birthday called “Would you Rather…”

It comes with a box of cards that has these crazy hypotheticals. 

Such as:

Would you rather spend two weeks with your head stuck in a metal bucket -OR- six days with your entire body stuck between the rails of a wrought iron fence?

Whoevers turn it is has to guess which answer the rest of the group (as a majority) will choose. The group has 90 seconds to debate which one is better.

For me it was a no brainer. Bucket head. The others, who outnumbered me said it didn’t matter what I thought. I said, “Wait, stuck in the fence, how are you going to go to the toilet?”

Blane Jr. said he’d crap in a bucket and someone else would cart it off. He said he would not like being “blinded” with a bucket over his head for two weeks. That six days was less harsh than two weeks.

I couldn’t imagine anyone being there to cart anything for me. I don’t think that way. I could actually imagine myself being the poor bastard putting up a shower curtain for him to have his privacy and doing his dirty work while he’s stuck in a fence.

There’s a “challenge” part to the game where we have to make up our own hypotheticals and mix them up with hypotheticals in the game and the other players have to guess which one came from the game.

That part was what was the most interesting. Blane Sr. made up one that involved having to hang by your sideburns all day. Another, “Would you rather have someone dig in your ear with a long needle -or- up your sinus cavity with a needle. Blane Jr. had one involving getting farted on. Boys…

Mine had something about being stranded in a Venezuelan train station. Or up in the Andes mountains with a fine bottle of Chilean wine.

“The wine one,” they all said without hesitation. Ha. There is so little oxygen up there wine would only help them freeze to death faster! 

So, let me pull a random question for you. There are the four categories: 

A) pain, fear, or discomfort

B) Appearance, Embarrassment

C) Ethics, Intellect

D) Random

By the roll of the die, we land on appearance, embarrassment.

Your turn to answer this and tell me why:

Would you rather be forced to look at yourself in every reflective surface you pass for at least 20 seconds -OR- never see your reflection again?

I’d chose the latter. It wouldn’t be so bad to know whether or not I’m getting wrinkles. Or whether I’ve got any bags under my eyes. Or if I my ass looked too big. Hell yeah.


13 thoughts on “Would You Rather…

  1. I would rather be forced to look at myself. I have, I believe, a strange inability to know how other people see me (both literally and figuratively). It’s always fascinating to find out how vastly different their opinions of me are from my own. So the reflection would be preferred. Plus, I get so into my own head that when I see myself in the mirror I come back to the here-and-now. It’s like a reminder to myself to be part of the world.

  2. I have to add that I love the geekiness of your question about being stranded in a Venezuelan train station or up in the Andes mountains with the wine, and how you tricked them.
    Nicely done.

  3. I thought about spinach, too, Kym. I’d either swear off foods like that or just ask someone if i have anything in my teeth. I’m thinking life without a mirror would be easier.

    Michele, that’s a good one about a scale. I’ll have to remember that for the next time we play that game.

    ” It’s like a reminder to myself to be part of the world.”
    That’s a great answer, Video.

  4. That snot one has been around since I’m a kid. It’s changed a little, there was something about kissing a rabbit between the ears. Never choose the one with the rabbit ears, it’s a trick and all the boys tried that one on me.

    Tell me the one about the vampires, Max.

  5. I wish there was a time limit on it but it’s forever. If there was a time limit I’d take the 20 sec reflection. Forever….I’ll go with no reflection. I don’t know why.

  6. I’ll take the 20 seconds – just to see if I’m still here. The wrinkles, the white hair, the chinny-chin-chin hairs, who cares? I gotta know if I can still see myself. It’s the only way I can tell the difference between what others see, and what I see. I’m mostly gone, so seeing my reflection (even though I can barely recognize myself) is sort of a challenge in itself. Good game.

  7. Believe it or not I still think about this question every other day or so. I still think I’d be better off because I could not stop at every shop window to look at myself for 20 seconds, it would slow me down and frustrate me too much.

    Another question from that game that I still think about, “Would you rather a head twice the normal size or half the normal size?”

    Everyone said “big head.”

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