Told ya

Told ya

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11 thoughts on “Told ya

  1. That’s an insane amount of crawfish. Where did you take this picture? We had a nice, sunny day here in Seattle yesterday, but it’s not really very summery lately. This makes me think of summertime and picnics.

  2. It was at a friend’s house near Dallas. The crawfish are from Louisiana, however. Someone around here ships them to the area.
    Yeah, this was one of six or seven batches and they were delicious.

  3. Oh my word!!! THIS is what is related to my post form ages ago?? And I have to see this when I am exhausted after all day in the heat assisting with pop warner tryouts? When I am starving?? When crayfish from Louisiana is in my blood? Oh, no fair!!!


  4. I should have fed you some of that stuff Michele. That would have made that New York accent turn into a N’Awlins one. For at least a day.

    Clare, my fingers still smell the crawfish. Those were from Houma, btw.

    Yes, you can, Sulya.

    LOL, Tpgoddess, I uploaded this photo and post from my iPhone via emailing it to Flickr. I think you did that with your post, too, so that is why WordPress relates our posts. I only noticed this feature today. Pretty cool.

  5. What is really funny Kitty, is that after reading your bio, we have something else in common! When I said that the crawfish is in my blood, it’s because my parents were born and raised in New Orleans – I am a creole/cajun mix! I grew up here in So Cal, but those roots are still there 😉

  6. Oh, pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable, goddess. What an amazing coincidence!

    My daughters were born and raised here in Texas, but I consider them Cajuns. It is in the blood.

  7. I see a little pile of Old Bay there, tucked inconspicuously in the shadow of one of the bowls. Only a girl raised in blue crab country would notice. That’s me. Mouth a’waterin’! Where’s my mallet? Get me a plane ticket!

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