Stuff Cajun People Like

Okay, to make up for sending you all to that other site, I discovered this:

That guy knows what he’s talking about. He grew up not too far from where I did. Go see, go see.

That site makes me laugh.

That site makes me hungry.

That site makes me talk funny.

That site makes me homesick.

At least I’m going to another crawfish boil tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Stuff Cajun People Like

  1. Now that I know where to get some good ones, I think we’re going to have one next weekend too.

    Can’t get enough of those and you know this is the season.

  2. I miss it, but luckily I took good notes from my mom, and can cook most of the Cajun food I write about. Last week I made homemade boudin (close, but still a work in progress).

  3. Michele, South Louisiana is pretty famous for its cuisine.

    Chuval, you know how to make boudin!!!!

    I’d love a copy of your recipe if you’re willing to share it.

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