I’ll Wait for the Next One

This is a four minute short by French director/screenwriter Philippe Orreindy. A guy steps into a subway and says:

Ladies and Gentlemen, ever so sorry to bother you. Don’t worry, I’m not here to beg for money. Let me introduce myself. My name’s Antoine. I’m 29. I recently read in a magazine that there are about 5 million single women in France. Where are they? I’m looking for a lady aged between 18 and 55 who’s also had trouble meeting someone in a conventional way and who wouldn’t mind giving a honest relationship with someone a shot…

This short took me through a range of emotions. It melted my heart, made me laugh in a feel-good way, then a surprised way, and finally a guilty way. Go see if you have four minutes.


9 thoughts on “I’ll Wait for the Next One

  1. LOL, Brut, it’s supposed to be about true love, not about money. If he would have said 100k per year, we would have questioned the woman’s motive for getting off the train.

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  3. Hi Kitty,
    This video tells me that there are people searching for true love , and not willing to take a chance if it comes near to touch you and want to hold it forever.The woman in the video is doing that to fell it where ever she go and whatever she do just want to hold to the feel of love and awaiting for that……… as long as she can.

    good one .


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