Water Ghost

I took the camera and tripod out today to work on photographing water. My aim was to work past the reflections and get a shot of a flower in the pool or something. 

I changed my mind when I saw the reflections and decided to work with them.

This is what I got on the first shot:

Is that wicked or what?

I didn’t use any filters or change any of the colors but PhotoShopped out a few bugs that were on the water’s surface. 

In an ideal world, the reflection of the trees wouldn’t be in there. If you like this photo, I’ve got another similar one on the photoblog.

Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet, I’m using WordPress’ new monotone photoblogger theme on there which is cool so far.  The matting color around the photos changes with each new photo posted.

Anyway, this has been a great opportunity for me to finally get to know my digital slr. I’m finally learning how to use it manually instead of always shooting on automatic. I’m also learning the limitations of my camera, lenses, and the built in flash (that thing is harsh). 


11 thoughts on “Water Ghost

  1. It’s like Orpheus entering the underground, backwards through the mirror, or Platos cave- You get to see these apparitions via reflections and refractions but with clouds and water. I remember your picture of the cloud and rainbow after the visit to your mom’s place with the crazy storm, the memories of your brother, the sounds in the attic. Maybe one of your gifts is being able to see these things and bringing them out for those of us.

  2. Yeah, I agree, I like the ripples. The clouds are better in this one and the sun is hidden better too. I guess I could Photoshop the ripples into this one if I could learn how to work with layers.

  3. That’s so beautiful. And the I agree w/ Mary, I love the trees there, too. The branches spiking out give this great variety of shapes. But the best part is the light on the edges of the clouds. Magical!

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