They hatched!

Remember I wrote about the wild duck and her eggs in my backyard? Look what I found a couple of days ago. Seven ducklings.

They are cute, cute, cute, cute, cute.

Look at those baby beaks!

That zoom lens is fantastic for getting into the nest with my eyes.

I have two videos for you. The first is of the little ducklings in the nest chewing some grass.

The second has them swimming in the pool and doing all sorts of cute stuff.

They swam in the pool all day long. The mom is an early riser and got them started at six in the morning. She kept trying to teach them how to get back out of the pool. She’d jump in and back out and the little ducklings would try, but the side of the pool is just too high up for them. They finally figured out how to hop out using the ledge that separates the pool and the hot tub.

I had a great time learning how to operate the camera on all the different settings. This is way more fun than going out in the field to photograph bees.


34 thoughts on “They hatched!

  1. Awww.. I love baby duckies!!! That first video I kept expecting momma to come flying at you. Thank goodness she didn’t!!
    I absolutely adore that last picture. So cute!

  2. Thanks for watching my ducky show. LOL.

    I’m guessing the little peeps are three or four inches tall. I caught them in my compost pile this morning digging for worms.

    They have the cutest little duck wing nubs. I have another photo of one of the little ducks at thecuckoosnest.

  3. Voodoo if it wasn’t so hot outside I’d be out there all day watching them. I want to hold one of them soooooooo badly.

    Max, Blane built this little ramp for them to get out of the pool on their side. They walk up the ramp and then jump back in. Like a little ducky amusement park.

  4. I love the image of Blane building a duck ramp for the baby ducks. That is too wonderful. This is the Four Seasons of duck maternity wards.

  5. Kitty – those are some GREAT shots of some ridiculously cute ducklings. Wow. What kills me is how fast they grow too. Have you noticed? It’s like one day you could have fit three of them in the palm of your hand and a week later they are all gangly and teenage-like.

    Anyway – mad congrats to you oh wondrous grandmother to adorable water fowl! They just don’t know how good they’ve got it back there with you to watch out for them.

  6. You can post it Max. I’m about to go around the neighborhood posting it on the telephone poles because they are all missing.
    They all took off yesterday afternoon while I was gone and I haven’t seen them since.

    Probably went in one of the neighbor’s pools. I can just see those neighbors, “Oh, how cute, let me get my camera.”

    But do the neighbors have a compost pile full of worms? no.
    Ducky amusement park? No.

    I’ll have to investigate this and see who stole these ducks. LOL.

  7. They are probably just promenading ducks do that I am sure they will be back. They are wild ducks you know they have to learn about the world.

  8. Even the dogs are hanging their heads today over this.

    Poor Blane, he just went look (and listen) for them all over the neighborhood.

    I know how they got out. The mom flies over the fence and calls the babies to crawl under the fence. The problem is I have a retaining wall which makes my backyard about 3 feet higher than the surrounding area. They can climb out, but they can’t get back in.
    Maybe Blane could build another ramp.

    I sure do miss them. Sniff.

  9. I can just see those little ducks tumbling off the retaining wall. It is probably wrong baby ducks taking a tumble is funny to me.

    Listen those ducks will be back though they may need a ramp but you know these are wild ducks right? You cannot fence them in or make them stay. They are wild creatures they will eventually leave.

    Is the neighborhood safe? Are there cats? I am going to have to ship Xanax if they come back a duckling short right?

  10. Funny you mention cats…

    Last night I was out in the backyard and heard some screeching. I walked between the houses and saw a silhouette of low crawling cat. I don’t know what she was messing with, but I gave her the eye. Could be a rabbit nest.

    No this area is not safe, there is a nature trail a few streets back and some neighbors who live along there were just telling me they’ve seen cayotes and bobcats back there.

    Blane Jr. told me one time he went jogging there after dark and he could swear the forest had eyes and he could sense something tailing him.

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  12. I’m so sorry the ducks have moved on . . . hopefully they’ll be back before they make their final departure. Remember how the Sopranos started? Tony had fallen in love with some ducks in his back yard. But I digress . . .

    Your photos are so wonderful to see. Real live new life, so furry & sweet.

  13. Ruth, I didn’t know that about the Sopranos. LOL.

    Michele, I was pretty down about it yesterday. I kept thinking about that line in AS GOOD AS IT GETS when Nicholson has tears in his eyes and stops to laugh, “Over a goddamned dog.”

    It’s probably for the best. My dogs were great about having them in the yard but I had to keep a close eye on them. Now I can just let them out and not worry about it.

  14. These are stunning shots! I’m not sure if I’ve already asked, but what camera do you use? Is it user friendly or easy to operate? I’m in the market for an upgrade and your pictures fuel my desire to take photos as great as the ones you have here.

  15. Thanks, Stil.
    I use a Canon Digital Rebel XTi. It can operate as a point and shoot or a digital SLR. It is small, but not small enough to carry in a pocket or purse. For that, I have a Panasonic TMZ1.

    I took these photos using the Canon with a Sigma zoom lens. You can get a Canon XTS (that is the newer model with 12.5 megapixel) with lens for about $700 street price. You can take it out the box and start shooting instantly. Then if you want to read the manual and operate the camera manually (changing shutter speeds, ISO, aperture, etc.) you have that option too. Also, you can add to it by buying zoom and wide angle lenses.

    If you don’t think you want to use a camera manually, I’d suggest something such as the Panasonic TMZ3 (with 10X optical zoom). It has a Leica lens which is about the best out there. I’m guessing it sells for around $300 street.

    Let me know if you get one.

  16. Thanks for the information. I already have a Leica which other people rave about (the cat in the sweater photo was taken with a cell phone cam) but I don’t like the way it takes shots indoors and at night. They’re sort of grainy and no matter how much I adjust it the shots never come out properly.

    I want an SLR and yours seems to do a beautiful job.

  17. Make sure you get one with a built in optical stabilizer. I think the new Canon digital rebel has it in the body. Mine didn’t come with that, but the zoom lens I bought for it has it in that lens. It makes a huge difference.

  18. Oh. My. Goodness.

    Oh. MY. GOODNESS!!

    That is too, too, much. I would live in fear of my daughter squeezing all the cuteness out of them in sheer delight.

    What a treasure in your own backyard!

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