Flying Dog

I took the dogs down to the creek over the weekend and let them run full blast and swim.

They were so excited they kept running back and forth along the sides, running so fast, leaping into the air, flying.

I told you my dog could fly.

I got Blane to swing on a Tarzan vine after promising not to put it on my blog.

But that’s too cool to keep from the internet.

Oh, the swimming dogs. Check it out.

And what happens to these dogs after a full day of fun down by the creek? A good bath. They know it’s coming. They go straight for the hose when we get home and wait for it.


17 thoughts on “Flying Dog

  1. Those are great I especially love the flying dog photo and I am cracked up over the Tarzan photo. “Promise you won’t put this on the blog if I do it?” “Sure, just, um, swing already okay?”

    Too funny.

  2. Oh my, Meriel can fly! So, Blane really trust you with that camera. One would think he would know better. Have a great day.

  3. That’s her name, Voodoo, just spelled different. You got it right.
    Is Grizz still getting into your bread up on the countertop?

    LOL Max and James, I totally knew I was going to put that swinging vine pic on the blog when I took it.

  4. In that top photo, is she leaping into water or running on the side? Dash tends to leap like that straight into people’s pools.

  5. Thanks Betty. They go crazy at the creek. It’s the highlight of their week.

    She’s leaping on the sides, from rock to rock, AJ. She does jump into pools and the creek like that but I didn’t get a shot of it.

  6. Love those photo’s. We learned not to leave the food on the edge of the counter, or on the table. Grizz still gets in to the garbage can, when we leave. There is no food in there. What is the name of the other pooch?

  7. I LOVE when the pup flies through the house. Our terrier looks kinda like your dogs, and she runs like the wind. She’d be thrilled to be let loose near a creek, but we’d never see her again!

  8. What kind of terrier do you have, WGB? Mireille is a terrier mix and Scrappy is a Caryn terrier.

    Scrappy used to be like that. She’d run away if off the leash, but i think she spent too many wild nights in these woods and is now a changed dog. There’s a bridge near here that she won’t walk under. Something bad must have happened to her there while she was on the loose.

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