Fireflies and Bubbles

There is a walking path through some woods that back up to my neighborhood where I take my dogs for a walk. Sometimes I take the leash off Mireille and let her chase the wild rabbits. She never catches any but she thinks she can and she gets lots of exercise running full blast.

I call that blowing out the carbon.

Lately the fireflies have been out at dusk so this is my favorite time of day to go. Last week Blane caught one and held it in his cupped hands. In the darkness I could see the translucence between his closed fingers. It was like a artist’s lamp that was all iffy about staying on.

I didn’t have the camera or tripod with me but wondered if it was possible to capture a photo of this.

Fireflies are almost impossible to photograph because the light is so low. On top of that, they fly. Setting the exposure and trying to focus on something I can’t see (and will not stay still) has been enormously challenging.

So that’s been my mission the last couple of weeks, get a photo of fireflies. Later I will try to get the artist’s lamp thing.

I did see these fireflies in the drugstore while waiting for my prescription to get filled:

Photo from this blog.

Gummy bugs that light up when you pinch them with the magic tongs. Of course I got them. I have to amuse myself in the midst of all this firefly defeat. I also got a bottle of industrial strength bubble soap. The package claims the bubbles are so strong you can touch them and they won’t pop.

I wanted to get this:

But thankfully the pharmacy snapped me out of it by saying my prescription was ready. (that was a really close one)

Anyway, Blane and I are out on the patio and I whip out my bubbles knowing full well he will laugh at me for buying that. He doesn’t know these are special, that they don’t pop. Soon, bubbles are collecting on the patio table, the ground, and, ah, on a spiderweb…

He watches the spider glide down its web and attack the bubbles. I’m still blowing bubbles and have managed to create a bubble tree. Then I sit down by him and we both wonder how far the wind might have taken them, and if anyone spotted one. Blane’s calm and relaxed, and laughing. No longer making fun of my purchase. I can read his mind. It says, “I love you, you goofy girl.”

Fireflies. Here’s the best I can do so far:

I adjusted the colors of the leaves and trees so the fireflies would show. I’ll keep trying to get a better photo.


15 thoughts on “Fireflies and Bubbles

  1. I haven’t seen fireflys in person in a long long time.
    I remember them when I was younger, in Nebraska? Pennsylvania? I distinctly remember the place but outside of that yard, the time of day, the running around, I don’t know where it was on a map.

    The way you enjoy life is so awesome!

  2. Texas fireflies are so beautiful. I grew up around something people said were fireflies, but they are pale and ghosty and not real fireflies. Not like Texas fireflies, that are really like little pieces of fire flying.

  3. I have been seeing the fireflys lately too. I was also wondering if it were possible to catch them ‘lit’. Me, being the lazy girl that I am, hadn’t gotten around to finding out. Glad you took the time.

    I so love fireflys!!!

  4. You actually caught a couple flying!
    I miss fireflies. I haven’t seen them since I lived in Maryland.
    We don’t have them here in Washington.
    Thanks for reminding me of fireflies!

  5. I didn’t know we had them here until we moved to another neighborhood near the creek. I remember seeing them in Louisiana while growing up, but I don’t remember them being so big and bright as they are here.

    I went out again last night to get a better photo of them and ironically a couple of the lightning bugs were caught in a spider’s web, like the bubbles. That took the movement factor out of the equation, but I still was unable to get a good focus on the bugs. I just uploaded this photo which might be a little better.

    I love fireflies but they bring their friend chigger along and those bites feel like fire.

  6. Last night was the first night the fireflies have appeared here in our corner of New England. My husband came upstairs to see if our son had already fallen asleep. Yup. He was already zonked out. Too bad. He generally falls asleep too soon to catch this amazing site. I’ll be interested to see your photos as you keep working on capturing this elusive sight. Have you thought about videoing them and then taking a frame as a still?

  7. I did try to get a video of them, but I’m having the same problem, not able to find anything to focus on. I only tired that once, but that’s a great idea, to take it out and try again.

  8. Max, yes, I agree, but once he’s out like a light, it’s like waking the dead trying to get him conscious again. Have to keep him up rather than waking him up or it won’t work. 😦

  9. They’ll keep coming back about the same time each day.

    Yeah, FP, these have a greenish tinted light but it doesn’t photograph that way, not for me.

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