Warped Tour 2008 Set List (Dallas Show)

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Always great to have one of these before a show. If you are going to Warped Tour in a city near you, keep in mind the bands and set times change with each date, so think of this as a rough guide.

Just wanted to get this up here as it is quite useful to some people. I’ll write more about this later and post some photos along with it.

Here’s a list of all the bands on the tour and the dates they will play. Note that not all bands play on all dates. Some do.

Also note that there is a Hurley Stage (that would be the bigger one) and a Hurley.com Stage (small stage). A lot of people got these two mixed up.

I’ve added more photos and a few tips about Warped Tour :::here:::


8 thoughts on “Warped Tour 2008 Set List (Dallas Show)

  1. I’m so unaware of the music scene outside of the bands that my friends are in! I worked backstage at Bumbershoot in Seattle in 1995, which was the first year of the Warped tour, and I got to see L7 (who I believe was with the tour). On the Bumbershoot bill on the main stage was also Funkadelic and The Ramones. I was helping run the communications backstage and so also witnessed Eddie Vedder running around with excitement while he watched The Ramones from backstage. It was pretty awesome being there and finally seeing them live. The lemonade vendor wasn’t thinking and put a half lemon in the drinks, which the crowd started throwing. It was surprising, the injuries people were getting- black eyes and getting hurt from being hit in the head. Those things were like rocks. The air was filled with flying lemons and the security guys lined up across the field and started walking everyone out of the coliseum. It was awesome and insane.
    Later I was doing a sweep at the far end of the stadium and walked in on the Warp guys in the shower room. Oops! But of course they were fit and cute and it was funny…Not a bad Warped Tour memory…

  2. Not at this one, Michele, but I think they did Warped a few years ago.

    Love that about the lemons, Radiotooth. Dallas is tame. I was alarmed when I saw they were allowing plastic bottles at the venue. In England they make missiles out of them and throw them at the band. Not here.

  3. You do, FinPen, you know Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” song.

    I’ll write more about this tour later. The thing is, you will know about 20% of them before next summer.

  4. MCR last played warped in 05′. And that is the beauty of warped tour, most of the bands are not mainstream. In 2006, there were only about 30 or 40 people watching the GCH set, now they are huge. And a lot of these bands have a huge “scene” following, so they are big for what they are.

  5. Yeah, Warped Tour is a huge springboard for starter bands.

    What I really like is watching a crowd warm to a band over the course of a couple of songs. And then the next week their songs are all over the radio.
    Great stuff.

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