Need a Hug?

I love this video. Please watch every bit of it. Then give someone a hug today.

That video has had over 28 million views.

I saw a few people with “Free Hugs” signs at Warped Tour. Got a great pic of one on the photoblog, check that out too, :::click here:::.



14 thoughts on “Need a Hug?


    I’m makin’ me a sign. I’m openin’ my arms. I’m getting me some hugs.

    Thanks, Kitty, for sending me the cyberhugs. I got ’em. I’m passin’ ’em on.


  2. Hell yeah!

    I have a special hug. You have to stand back. Open your arms wide. We need a lot of clearance…
    :::double hand-spring:::

    …here I come…


  3. Hi Kitty,
    The first Hug is beautiful, the video bring out the good in you.After watching the video i went straight to my HR (Human Resource manager) in the office and asked her i wanna HUG you, she boldly stood up while everyone is watching and i gave her a HUG and sent her the link of your post and she watched and messaged “ohh you have a friend in abroad , that’s great”, and it spread whole office , then at Lunch break i saw an Indian Version of the song in my office.:-) Healthy post.


  4. Aw, Kumar, that’s so cool. If you read that guy’s story on his website, he says the first person to hug him was a woman who was having a really bad day. It was the first anniversary of losing her daughter.

    Hugs Carl.

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