Dark knight at the movies

Dark knight at the movies

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I’m sitting in the movie theatre waiting for the midnight feature of the new Batman movie. I heard people waited in line for hours to get just the right seat. We got our tickets online hours ago and walked right into the theater one hour before showtime and have great seats.

Spanky is wearing her bat cape.

Edited Note: It was Heath Ledger’s show. Brilliant performance. As for Christian Bale’s Batman, his voice drove us nuts. Why the whisper?

Great audience of diehard Batman fans, they clapped at all the right times. Heath Ledger got most of the applause and laughs.


5 thoughts on “Dark knight at the movies

  1. Hmm, I think you got ripped off … your ticket says DARK KNIGH … completely different show! 😉

    I’m trying to convince my wife she likes Batman, but after I convinced her to see Hellboy a few years ago (she loves Guillermo Del Toro’s Spanish-language films) she’s suspicious of superhero movies …

  2. Michele, one of her sister’s friends offered to “rent” the cape from her for five bucks. She turned her down.

    James, tell her no one is allowed to miss Ledger’s perfomance.

    Daily, I predict a fun evening for you and your son.

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