For three days I have been scanning old photographs. There are thousands and thousands and thousands of them.

Here’s a collage I did back in high school. I wish I hadn’t cut up all those old photos.

Blane and I are both in here. Can you spot us?


12 thoughts on “Scanned!

  1. Shee, i wish.
    what’s funny is when I was a teenager I looked like I was in my 20s. I was the one who never got carded and got to buy the booze. When in my twenties, people thought I was a teenager. Was always getting carded.

  2. Hi Kitty,
    You look beautiful in those photo pieces [if you don’t mind],i have added it to my collections, and how was the movie The Dark Knight ? ,i was planning for that.


  3. Did you EVER have an awkward moment, Kitty? Holy crap, you were gorgeous. And what was up with that compulsion to cut pictures like that? All mine look like that too. Guess I’ll have to chalk it up to the same impulse that made me wear a rainbow of pink, blue and purple eyeshadow for 3 years straight.

  4. Thanks for the compliment Kumar. The Dark Knight was great. I especially liked Heath Ledger’s performance and the way everyone applauded every time he came on screen.

    Oh boy, ginny did I. LOL. In seventh and eighth grades my eyebrows were so thick the kids called me catapillar brows. I reacted by severely over plucking them. Some of those hairs have never grown back.

    As for cutting things, I have a couple of jr. high yearbooks where almost every signature mentions something about how I was always cutting paper.

  5. Kitty, you look BEAUTIFUL….I’m assuming you’re the striking Lohanesque (on good days) young lady featured repeatedly throughout. 🙂

    I can only guess which on Blane is: so here goes ….. his face appears near the shoulder of the person holding the cake. ???

  6. “Featured repeatedly” is the key. I’m in here five times so I think you found me.

    Blane is the one sticking his tongue out in one of the pics and his hand is glued close to my boob. He is in another pic, but it is blurry, the one in the easy chair reading the magazine. It is right above the group shot.

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