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We went to my neice and her husband’s camp today in the atchafalaya
basin. Took a ride in a boat and got a million photos of cypress
knees, moss, and various wildlife.

I’ll write more about it later when I can upload some proper photos.


8 thoughts on “Spillway

  1. Ok, I’m new here in the southern region, but are you serious… ‘atchafalaya’? Did you just make that up? I can’t even pretend to pronounce that! LOL

    Can’t wait for more pictures!!

  2. yeah this area in Louisiana is a major wildlife area. Steve irwin came here one time and did a show. Wrestled some alligators and shit.

    We’re headed out to new Orleans tomorrow and then the coast for the Tarpon Rodeo. Should be crazy fun. I’ll try to post a new photo a day. I wish I could write more but I am typing on a tiny iPhone keyboard a d if someone calls while I’m typing I lose the whole post. This thing also autocorrects and turns words like “froggy” into frothy. And does crazy paragraph breaks.

  3. I thought “frothy” was delightful. Score one for the ipod! I’m lovin’ the pic-a-day thing too and I’m betting your moss shots are much more mossy than mine… I took some pics at a local park with the boy yesterday. So we were sisters in moss photography – if nothing else ma cher… Lookin’ forward to more tales from the road.

  4. you have moss in Canada? I thought that stuff only grew In hot and humid areas.

    We’ll be doing the French quarter tomorrow so we should see some really wild stuff there.

  5. There is much and many types of moss in varying regions of Canada. Vancouver is particularly damp and warm enough that one can always find North by looking where the moss is growing on the trees. I’m sure these are not the legendary mosses of New Orleans, but they are certainly interesting to see in all their soft, fuzzy green and yellowness… Lookin’ forward to more pics!

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