Stereotypical sundown at the beach shot

Stereotypical sundown at the beach shot

Originally uploaded by cinemagypsy

How about a palm tree and a sunset?

We went out on a boat today and went to queen beds island which is
completely covered with birds. It was unbelievable. Lots of pelicans
and other giant birds, it had the feel of prehistoric times. Just

Then we almost got stuck in a storm that crept upon us. We tried to
outrun it, bit that dark cloud just kept following us, so we stopped
at a friend’s camp for it to pass. A guy near the camp where we’re
staying got struck by lightening. He survived to tell is the story.

We head home on Sunday, hope you all have enjoyed a dose of Louisiana.
We sure did. The dogs too, they came with us. Mireille had a fight
with a one armed crab today. It was hilarious.


7 thoughts on “Stereotypical sundown at the beach shot

  1. I tried to get one max, but I had to help her out. So make that one girl and one dog against a one armed crab.

    The crab did not lose or I’d be bragging about eating him right now. We did boil some of his cousins.

  2. yeah, when a flock flies by it looks freaky. I have some good photos from my real camera that I’ll upolad in the next few days.

    All the palm look like that here. Not sure if it’s from the hurricane or they grow like that.

  3. Thanks so much Christina. Your parents are Cajun, correct?

    Me too, Panascakes. I talked to him again and asked to see his exit wound but he didn’t have one. He said the lightening struck the shed he was in. It has a tin roof with no sides to it and is where they scale and filet fish. Anyway, he says the lightening hit the shed, not him directly but it traveled through him. He must have been grounded because he and the guy with him saw the electricity arc from his fingertips on one hand to a metal countertop.

    That is something I would like to have seen. A man shooting electricity from his fingers. Course, fishermen are notorious for tall tales.

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