Big Boids

If you want to see something really freaky, check out my video of the birds we saw on Queen Bess Island (near Grand Isle, Louisiana).

I think there were more than usual going to the island because a storm was approaching. The video is a little shaky as I was shooting while the boat was moving. We got in and out really fast because of the storm.

It seemed as if we had boated into Land of the Lost. Birds were flying just a couple of feet from us. Pelicans are the state bird of Louisiana.


20 thoughts on “Big Boids

  1. looks like you guys are getting to see the parts of Louisiana that most don’t get to. I went out there with Todd one year. He took my dad, boose, and i out on a shrimp run.

    i just got back from out of town also. you are welcome to view my pictures in my myspace photo album.

  2. Eeghads! That looks a bit scary, for sure. Isn’t it interesting, though, about how the critters always know when to take cover?

    Sorry not to comment in a while, been out a town … 🙂

  3. James, I had never before seen more than one Pelican at a time. This was just a shock to me. I’d been to islands around here lots of times while growing up, even a few times as an adult.

    An aunt of mine had a houseboat and I’d go with her family to camp on an island near this one. We never saw anything like this. I think for a while pelicans were endangered. Not sure.

    Capone, yeah, Amber’s husband took us out to Morganza near their camp. Next time you go back to town, you should ask them to take you. We totally enyoyed that. He also mentioned wanting to take someone with him deer hunting to take photos. I was just thinking about that a few weeks ago. Blane’s Godfather took us out to his camp in Grand Isle and he knows the islands. We didn’t go crabbing or fishing because we were short on time. I’d like to go back out there and spend a week or two. I’ll check out your myspace and will upload some photos to my flickr page when I get a chance.

    LOL, Radio, that’s an awesome poem.

    Michele, the wind covers most of the sound in the video, unfortunately. Those birds were so loud we could barely hear ourselves talk.

    Max, that was the first thing I thought of, Hitchcock’s Birds. It sounded just like the movie and was so freaky (but not scary).

    I had a better video, but something happened with my camera card, an error of some sort. I’m so bummed about that.

  4. I never could figure out why birds shit all over where they live.

    With all this global warming talk I guess in many ways we are no different then any other flock.

  5. Okay, I thought you had to have one because I can see an avatar by your comment in the admin. section of the blog.

    You need to do something in your admin panel so your name will show up as a hotlink. Max knows how to fix that, someone else was having that same problem.

  6. Oh, I was going to write a post about Ozzfest and point to that video. Yeah, I went to that spot to take a photo and while there I felt something cold on my foot. I didn’t realize I’d pressed the video button on the camera. I looked to see what was happening and this drunk guy was just standing there shovelling beer on my foot. Since the camera was on, I have a video of it. No idea I had that video until I got home and uploaded what was on my camera.

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