No ho ho

Yesterday I was a little under the weather, so I hung out in my pajamas all day. Not sweats and a t-shirt but pretty pink silky pjs. It was late afternoon when I noticed the light coming in through the windows turn an odd golden color. Not like a sundown or anything usual, but the sort of coloring that only happens when a really bad storm is coming.

I look out the back door and see this amazing double rainbow. Grab my camera. Get a few photos, but this thing is huge, I have to see it from the front of the house as well. No time to change into real clothes, rainbows are like smoke, they dissipate quickly.

So I peek out the front and not a soul is around. I creep down the sidewalk and get a better photo than I could get from the backyard. Take a few more for good measure. Rainbows are actually sort of rare.

When I turn around to go back in, there is my neighbor (the perve) right behind me with his damn camera taking photos of God knows what. Oh the horror.

The good news is I found that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and donated it to charity. The bad news is I had to fight a leprechaun for it. And he refused to grant my wish that all pajama photos of me that may exist evaporate immediately. Damn leprechauns.


24 thoughts on “No ho ho

  1. Hey girlfriend- I’ve been wearing my silky pink pajamas , I’ve been sick. At least if you’re down, be down with style.
    Sorry about the leprechaun. Maybe even perverts like rainbow?

  2. I couldn’t ask for a better night to check in here at your blog, Kitty. Rainbow.

    Read through Louisiana. My dining room suddenly became balmy, and I had to wipe the sweat from my brow. I’m no fan of humidity, but I remember it with familiarity and a sense of home. Even though I grew up in Alabama and Texas, and not Louisiana, we made enough journeys through your neck of the woods, that your photos had all the feel of my childhood memories – minus the back of the ’57 Chevy, the way-back of the station wagon, and the midnight sky. Just the thought of your visit, brought me back to those nights driving through three states to get from Lake Jackson to Birmingham. Long ago, but not so far away.

    Thanks for the trip,

  3. Radio, get better soon, the fashion world is counting on those designs.

    Dennis the Vizla dogs, you are big troubled drooling all over your parents keyboard. Taste like mint? LOL.

    Michele, the sky was such an odd color, half yellow haze and the other half crystal blue. I’m pretty sure he’s got his shots. He is also the nosiest man I’ve ever met. Ever.

    Awww Max, thanks. Now I’m feeling all special. Prettier than any old rainbow. Nice.

    Linda, I had no idea you grew up in the South. The humidity was overwhelming, but I don’t have too much of a problem with it other than my makeup melting and my hair frizzing out and, wait, it was a problem. LOL. The nights there seemed much cooler than the ones here, though. Especially at the beach.
    Driving through Louisiana is crazy beautiful. I loved every bit of it.

  4. Thanks Kym. I wish I had a wide angle lens because that was a 180 degree rainbow. I could probably count the times I’ve seen those on one hand.
    I guess things are getting a whole lot worse as for what I’ll do to get a photo. I found myself in the store buying a hummingbird feeder yesterday. And today sitting by the window, waiting for them to drop by. I have some honeysuckle, and they’ve been coming, but I need to cut it back so it’ll have more blooms. Too hot right now. So I totally went for the cheat. Hummingbird feeder.

  5. Damn perve neighbors! [wonder what my neighbors say about me when I have the ladder out taking video over their fence at 10pm]

    JK. Like I would never do that.


  6. Damn straight, Bunk, about that color sky.

    I thought we might have a tornado, but it all blew over without spilling as much as a drop of rain in my yard.

    It had my dogs knees knocking.

  7. I left out an important apostrophe. Dog’s knees.

    Scrappy freaks out when she hears thunder. She hears it way before we do and shakes so much it makes me nervous.

  8. Wow, before the earthquake. That’s interesting.
    I saw somewhere about how the animals always know to run for higher ground before tsunamis hit.

    All we need to do is teach one of them how to talk. An honest one.

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