Gold Blingage

The WOGA gym which trained two recent Olympic Champions in women’s gymnastics is about three miles from my house.

Here are some signs on the door to the gym right now.

Gym owner Valeri Luikin’s daughter, Nastia won the all around gold medal this past week. Four years ago, Carly Patterson who also trained here won that gold. This is the first time two Olympic Champions in women’s gymnastics come from the same gym.

About 10 years ago, a friend of mine suggested I enroll my girls in that gym. I met with the gym owner who I didn’t realize at the time was a gold medalist himself. A very humble and polite guy. There were no gold medals in display cases or big framed photos of him anywhere. Just a regular looking gym with kids flying all over the place.

I loved the gym, but the classes were all filled up. Kurt Thomas was just opening up a gym at the time, so I enrolled my girls there. It was a bad decision as someone at Thomas’ gym embezzled a chunk of money which caused them to shut down the gym without notice. He has since gotten his gym up and running again but we just found another place.

Eventually, the girls hated going to the gym and their dance classes, so I stopped enrolling them. I would have given my eyetooth for that opportunity as a kid, as I was obsessed with the sport. That and ice skating. But I’ve never thought it a good thing to push my dreams and interests on my kids.

Nastia will be competing again tonight, catch that if you can, she is an exquisite gymnast and makes the sport look effortless.

Speaking of gold…

Yesterday Blane Sr. brought home two medals from the NAGA competition (Brazilliian Jiu-Jitsu). A gold and a bronze. This is a ranking event which makes it even cooler.

Yay Blane!!!

Blane Jr. also competed, but didn’t place. What he did do was drop 25 pounds in two or three weeks to get into a certain weight class. I think maybe dropping so much weight so quickly is not such a good thing, but he’s done that before and placed. Just not his day, I guess.


7 thoughts on “Gold Blingage

  1. I forgot to mention, those are Spanky’s hands in the photo, not Blane’s. Thanks for all the congrats, he’ll come around tomorrow for a special comment.

  2. Thanks guys! It was a long day with long waits (hardest part!) and I got fairly lucky with the brackets. Overall, a great time. It’s a huge national event with everything testosterone! Old cars, bodybuilders, fights, protein drinks, etc… I think I will stick to local events in the future…

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