One of Blane’s work buddies and his wife, Carolina, a Brazilian designer, just started a new fashion company, Carolina Pagano.

They’ve just introduced their first line, women’s shoes, but are only selling to retailers at this time. Check out their website and if you like what you see, ask your retailer for Carolina Pagano. I love that name.

The Slide Sonia is my favorite, I’d buy that shoe right now.

Congrats to Byran and Carolina! (I’m so jealous and wish I had a shoe company, dammit I’m slacking)


16 thoughts on “Shoes!

  1. Francis, I think that Seattle show was the one that just passed, not next year. I’m sure you’ll run across her again, though.

    TP, those purple shoes are hot.

  2. THANK YOU KITTY for posting our new endeavor out there in the blogsphere. And thank you to the kind comments thus far! We are very excited about finally launching the company. As you stated above, we are currently courting retailers throughout the US so please talk to your favorite retailers and have them contact us!

    Also, for the seattlites out there, Posh on Main in Bellevue, WA (425.454.2022) will be carrying the shoes. They don’t have a web store yet so you have to call them.

    Kind Regards,

  3. Hey Bryan, keep us updated on the progress of the business and let me know as soon as you introduce new lines. This is so exciting, seeing a design company in it’s early stages.

    Yeah, Max, that has got to be a rewarding experience. I used to sew dresses for my girls when they were little and they felt so special because I’d put a tag on the back collar, “Sewed by Mommy.”

    That is my fashion design experience, lol. But shoes. I love shoes. I wish I could have made them too.

  4. Ya know, for many years I always bought basic boring shoes because I hate for my feet to be uncomfortable. But a few years ago, I discovered that I actually like shoe shopping! I like neato cool stylin on shoes. Problem is now my husband is laid off and I have no money to buy any!! Boo who…!

  5. Ooo, you like ’em too, Michele, that is great news.

    Writgb, for years I wore the most uncomfortable shoes to work (nursing, known for ugly shoes) because they looked good. I ended up developing atomic stamina from them.

    Francis, the girls grew up watching me sew and stitch and now the oldest is taking fashion design at school this year and the youngest is doing a lot of hand sewing. I’m sew happy we share some of the same hobbies.

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