Message in a (plastic) Bottle

I was talking to my mom on the phone earlier and told her to send me a message in a bottle. Looking at the hurricane tracking chart, the eye of Gustav goes over her house and pretty much ends not too far from mine.

We don’t get hurricanes this far from the coast, just some rain and winds, nothing to worry about. My mom lives far enough from the coast that if it does go there, it is a much weaker storm, not even a hurricane, but a tropical storm. The city is built on a hill, so they don’t even really have problems with flooding. The high winds do knock down trees and power lines. She was without power for at least a week after Hurricane Ivan a few years back.

All this hurricane watching makes me twitchy. I’ve never seen a hurricane path like this one; it appears to cover the entire state of Louisiana. Usually if one goes there, they catch a little piece of it, share the storm with other states. The angle of this one looks as if it will catch every bit of coastline in that state.

The place that is probably getting the shit kicked out of it right now is this place

Down Bayou Lafourche, Louisiana.

And this one

at Grand Isle, Louisiana.

Remember that bird video I posted last month?

Same thing, catching hell right now.

And there is not a damn thing I can do about it.


5 thoughts on “Message in a (plastic) Bottle

  1. She is much better, Michele, thanks. They didn’t find out what was causing her problem and want to do a few more tests.
    She’s safe from that storm up on the fourth floor of the hospital, though. LOL.

  2. Thanks Kym. It’s working. Except for the power outages, it doesn’t seem too bad, I’m getting loads of calls and texts from my friends and relatives in the storm and as of right now everyone is fine.

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