This is Gonna Hurt

A couple of months ago a family of five was killed in a car accident near my house (I wrote about it in this post, Everyone’s a Bad Driver). Since then people have put teddy bears, flowers, and five white crosses in the median where they died.

More and more I’ve been avoiding that intersection. The shrine spooks me a little bit and makes me slightly paranoid, but this spot was already one of the most dangerous intersections in the country for about ten years now. There are no blind curves or anything like that, I don’t understand why so many people pass red lights there, but they do.

I also cringe now when going through a green light and take a look at the cross street to see if something’s coming, even though their light is red. I’m not sure if it helps all the time because I’m going so fast and they would be going so fast… I’d just know I’m about to die, maybe.

Yesterday but at a different intersection, this exact thing happened to Blane Jr. He was going through a green light, someone passed a red light and slammed right into him.

Those white things hanging from the car’s ceiling are the side curtain airbags. They saved his life. The police and firemen on the scene could not believe he was walking around and wasn’t hurt. He did get a bit of broken glass in one of his arms. It looks like he has buckshot in it. His side is a little sore, but he got xrays and he’s fine.

I asked him if he saw it coming, if he had looked as I have been doing lately since that bad accident by the house. He said he did.

I asked him if his life flashed before his eyes, if he thought he was going to die. He said, “No, I just said to myself, This is gonna hurt.”

It did, he said it felt like someone had kicked him in the side. His car didn’t flip, instead it spun around in about three circles. That too saved his life or from serious injuries.

From this angle maybe you can see how far that vehicle went into his side of the car. He said he did lean over to the right when he realized he was about to get slammed. He tightened up all his muscles as well, he had just seen something about how it was better to do that if you’re about to get into a wreck. I always heard it was better to be placid like a rag doll, but maybe that is if you are thrown from a car.

The SUV that hit him?

Didn’t do too well either and the guy wasn’t hurt. He kept telling Blane, “Dude, I’m sorry, Dude.”

I said a little prayer after this was all over, one for everyone being safe from the hurricane and another for sparing my son’s life today. Then I thought maybe this isn’t God’s department, that maybe the angels do this sort of work, so I thanked them. I sent good energy waves to the engineers who designed air bags.

Whatever it is, I am grateful today.

In other news, my mom is out of the hospital. Her city is still without electricity and the hospital is on emergency generator power, so they can’t do any more tests right now. I offered to drive down there and go get her but she refused. I don’t like the idea of her being sick like that and not having lights or air conditioning. Still, I can’t force her to leave home.

She did get some wind damage to her house, a small section of the roof blew off and it rained in one of the rooms. My brother and a cousin put a tarp or something on it for now. They’re still getting a lot of rain. No flooding near her house, though.

I’m having a hard time getting through to mobile phones there. I guess all the circuits are overloaded. Also, a lot of people are without power and can’t charge their phones. If they don’t have a land line with a corded phone, they’re out of luck.


25 thoughts on “This is Gonna Hurt

  1. Oh wow Kitty, that is scary. I am so glad Blane Jr. was not hurt too badly. The car looks in really bad shape. Amazing that he was not hurt more.

    Is anyone with your mom at home?

  2. Some day I should share the pics of my dream car – the one that saved my boy’s life 3 years ago. I wasn’t blogging then. Airbags are truly gifts from the angels (or truly awesome technology :-))

    I am so glad everyone was OK. I am also truly impressed that a Prius withstood the impact from an SUV like that to the extent that he was not hurt. That is encouraging.

    Fingers crossed that they get power back on quickly!

  3. Glad to see Lil Blane is ok. I will send you some pictures of the Hurricane Weather when I get some POWER. Funny how we are so used to A/C that when it goes out it really kicks your butt.

  4. Michele, she has my brother and cousin over there right now to help her as well as a couple of nieces who live near her.

    TP, I’m impressed with the Prius as well. This is the second time he got t-boned like this in that car. The first time a Mac truck hit him, and the car was only a week old. Both were going really slow however. I’m thinking it will be hard for the insurance co. to replace this car, there is a two year waiting list for them.

    James, that guy’s lucky Blane has such an even temper. It’s funny, when he called to tell me he got hit, it sounded like someone hit him in the parking lot. When he said, “Yeah, the airbags saved my life,” I realized he was actually in an accident. The boy is too damn calm.

    Ape, you all need to whip out that Cajun microwave. Mom says FEMA is giving out mres and ice, but the lines are long.

  5. OH wow, that is so scary. And I’m impressed with that Prius, too. Wow.

    I just caught up with your recent blog posts. Reading about Dancerella made me so warm and fuzzy and I’m glad your mom is okay.

  6. Sometimes you stare at the abyss and realize this time…this time you and yours are getting out alive. There is such an incredible rush of emotion that flows then. You’ve grabbed me a couple of times with your posts and reminded me how scary the world is.

    I’m glad all is well.

  7. Dancerella. Oh man. You know I have one now, but it’s not the one I had when I was little. I found it at one of those shops in Forney.

    He’s a little sore, Carl, that’s it.

    Kym, both cars were going about 45 mph. They both tapped their brakes a little but not in time to slow them down much. I would have thought this is it. The end. Maybe even have a split second rebellion at having the last moment of my life wasted looking at a silver SUV.

  8. Oh, my gosh, Kitty! I’m so sorry to hear that all of this has been happening. Sure gives me perspective. Here I was grumbling about having to go back to teaching (which I actually LOVE) and you have all this to deal with. I am SO glad your son is okay. What a scary event! Hang in there, and I hope your mom is doing better, too.

    They say bad news comes in threes. I think you’re all set now.

  9. Yeah, it’s always rough going back to the old job. I have nightmares that I’m back working in a hospital. At least once a week, no kidding. I love nursing and a part of me would love to go back, but I just can’t do it anymore (burnt out and my skills are out of date).

  10. Oh holy hell. I was just catching up on blogs and found this and it made me cry – first at the severity of those images and the fear and then with relief. I’ve never even met Blane Jr but I want to give him a big hug and kiss for having walked away. I am for sure sending you one too Kitty. A big one.

    I am also glad to read that you are still getting news about your mom and family. I can wish that there was no damage to the house of course and I feel your frustration at not being able to get your mother to leave until it’s over but, once again, there is just relief that she is okay for now – if uncomfortable and stubborn as ____ (wink)…

  11. Thanks for the hugs, Sulya, I give him yours next time he comes around.

    My mom finally got her power back on yesterday. Yay!
    FEMA has been out there since early on, handing out ice and meals.

    There is something funny here… My father-in-law called today. We thought maybe he’d gotten a hotel at one of the casinos out of town, but he didn’t. He stayed in town and this guy, he can’t live without air conditioning. One of the funeral homes he manages out of town had power, so he camped out there for three nights.

  12. I have a 17 year-old and I’m so afraid that she’s texting while she drives. She gets in a lot of slow moving fender benders. Parking lot accidents, stuff like that. Once she even hit the house.

    The other day a policeman came to the door while she was out. I was certain something had happened, especially when he asked if she lived here.
    My legs got weak and I was about to hit the floor, I swear, I was scared.
    With my last bit of strength I asked if she was okay. He said yes. Whew.
    Someone had stolen her wallet a month earlier and the policeman had just found it. He came to ask if there were any crimes associated with the theft of it and to return it to her.

    People talk about how you sleep better once your babies start sleeping through the night. In my experience, you never sleep well again once you have kids, or until they turn 21.

  13. OMG, ,Kitty! I seriously read this post three times not believing what I was seeing. Those photos are awful but I’m thankful, honestly, that everyone and everything is going to be okay.

    Did you have some sort of premonition or are you just freaked out in general about the first intersection you mentioned?

  14. PS Did that guy have an explanation as to why he hit Blane? Not that it matters now but…also, did those side curtain airbags really save his life? And what are side curtain airbags? I have never heard of them.

  15. ‘I always heard it was better to be placid like a rag doll,’

    I’ve heard the same, I heard that’s why drunk drivers always seem to survive the crash, because they’ve loosened up and relaxed when impact occurs.

  16. I’m freaked out by all intersections now, but especially of the one where that family got killed. Blane (my son) told me today that since his wreck he can’t cross an intersection without the feeling that something is coming at him.

    The side airbag comes from the upper door frame and cushions the head from slamming into the driver’s side window (the head swings in the direction of the thing that hit you). It also keeps the neck from snapping from the impact.
    Not all cars have them, but they are getting more common in newer cars. Sweetpea has them in her car and we’re going to make sure Spanky has them when she gets her car.

  17. Even though I knew he was ok, when I saw the pictures of the car felt this grip round my heart. Too scary!!!!. I have also heard it was best to be limp before an impact. Babies, people asleep and drunks supposedly do much better in crashes. You know, I don’t know if it’s just because I’m paying more attention or what, but it seems like more people are crossing on red lights now than a couple of years back.
    Sorry about your mom, but glad to hear she’s getting better and that she’s got help.
    My ex father-in-law has just died. You met him at Klaus’ wedding.

  18. So sorry to hear that, Liv. Yes, I remember him, I first met him when you all lived here and he came for a visit. Then at the wedding. He had a bright smile and seemed so fascinated with life. I remember him saying his health wasn’t so good when I saw him at the wedding.

    Please send Klaus my condolences.

    Girl, I’m going to have to call you, haven’t talked in too long. Miss you, sister.

  19. I got it, you look fantastic in the photos. The air in Norway suits you, Liv.

    I’m working on an email for you right now, got lots of good stuff to tell you, something I found out after we talked.

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