Politics Aside

No matter what your politics, you gotta admit this is damn cute!

Republican VP candidate’s Daughter spit shining her little brother during the convention last night:


9 thoughts on “Politics Aside

  1. Oh Kitty! I’m sooo happy to see that you posted. this. The other night as Andy and I watched the speech (feeling anxious and angry), we happened to catch just that moment and both busted out laughing in adoration. We’re a non-tivo household. I actually said, “I wish I could find JUST THAT CLIP to post on my blog.” Kudos!!

  2. I was watching these two talking heads argue about this and it went like this

    Joe: So when was the last time you saw this at a Convention ( I think he meant political )

    Other Talking head: Well, it’s the first time we’ve seen something cute at the RNC

    Just saying.

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