Are You Ready for Some More Parade?

Okay, let’s go. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you have missed this, this, and that.

Again, since so much of our culture is music related, we have lots of floats with musical themes.

Even the elderly musicians get to ride and perform on a float. The sign the Boy Scout is holding reads “Acadian Music.” You always hear that at any festival you go to in Louisiana. You can’t see the accordian in the above band, but I promise you, it’s there. So is the fiddle. And maybe a washboard.

I like the way you can see the other floats that are coming if you looked down the road in this photo. I also like the pretty gowns these visiting queens are wearing. And the tiaras.

But this one… The ballerina outfit with the cape so fits into my dreamworld.

Tomorrow will be the grand finale as I am running out of photos.


5 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Some More Parade?

  1. Those long gloves are so elegant.

    When my girls were little, I went to an estate sale and bought a trunk full of old white leather gloves for the girls to play dress up. When I got home and looked them over I realized these were probably tres expensive back in the day. Some of them are long with buttons all up the sides. Really beautiful things. Others had these beautiful patterns stitched on the back of the hand side of the glove. Best of all, they looked new. I still have them.

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