I Interrupt the Parade

To show you this graphic of the biggest hurricane I’ve ever seen, Ike.


I stole that graphic from CNN. 

We’re still going to finish the parade a little later, that post is all ready to go, as the title of my blog reads, you know… yeah. 

You can’t really know anything about what’s happening by watching the news. They don’t really know much and by the time we get some daylight, few people there will have power, phone lines will be down, and real news will just sort of trickle in along with a shit load of rumors. 

So far, I have not heard any bad news regarding any of my family or friends.

I feel really bad for all the people from New Orleans who moved to the Houston area after Katrina.


5 thoughts on “I Interrupt the Parade

  1. It’s bigger than Texas.
    The wind is picking up here and the clouds are moving quickly. No rain yet.

    Blane went to the gas station at 11PM and there were lines. They were almost out by that time and the price went up fifty cents per gallon since this morning.

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