Our Fierce Clan

I was up yesterday morning watching the financial channels before the markets opened. Although I no longer trade stocks, economics fascinates me. Specifically market behavior. 

So there are a bunch of talking heads on the tv looking afraid and using words like “meltdown,” “collapse,” “crisis”… Stuff like that does not make me panic. I might add I don’t have money in the market.

Later in the day I get to thinking the what ifs of a total financial collapse. What if everyone’s savings were wiped out suddenly? If the dollar went down to nothing. What would we do? 

I look around this place and wonder what I could sell. Hmmm. I get Blane in on it and at first the topic makes him feel uncomfortable. Then we talk about how owning nothing has its advantages and could be liberating. He says we’d need guns. Hunting, you know. Food. We could live off the land. We’d have to stay together in packs. Roam the Earth like a fierce clan. 

We talk about our other skills in a less harsh situation. Nursing. Hmmm. People always need that.  Blane says there would be nothing to pay me with. He’s sticking with the apocolypse scenario. Okay, I tell him I’d keep our clan healthy. Engineering. Now that’s useful. Blane knows how to make energy from wind and make motors and stuff. He can make anything and it always works. His friends call him McGuyver.

Mostly we just sit around and make jokes about this meltdown scenario thing. But I think, really, there is no one I’d rather be stuck with if that stuff really happened. Him and our kids, of course. Our fierce clan.


18 thoughts on “Our Fierce Clan

  1. You have a tight family unit, Kitty, and that is something to be envied in this world.

    With reference to the market crash, they were saying on the news over here today that “ten years ago, when america sneezed, the world caught a cold but in the last ten years to present year, when america sneezes, the world just watches on and wonders why you didn’t immunize”.

  2. That’s what I was saying to Blane today, the world markets used to react stongly to what goes on in ours. The European and Asian markets still fell, but not as badly as they used to when I was trading.

  3. I want to be part of your clan! I can fix things, am good in a crisis (I only break down later when the danger is past) and can argue and negotiate. I think I have the ‘fierce’ part down, at any rate. And now, I can make clothes! That has to be valuable to some degree. I could definitely make things we could use for bartering.

  4. And Kraft who makes Vegemite. Gotta have that to survive. Vegemite shots. Speaking of, i’m running low on that stuff. Need to find someone around here who sells it.

    Max, can you do a sharp claw version on the nails? In black or red, bien sur.

  5. ‘Later in the day I get to thinking the what ifs of a total financial collapse. What if everyone’s savings were wiped out suddenly? If the dollar went down to nothing. What would we do? ‘

    And people laugh at the Asians for stashing money in boxes and hiding them at home! I knew there was a reason, I knew it!

  6. Stashing the money won’t do any good if it’s worthless. Gotta have some chickens or something to barter, something that people need. Or skills. Like the ability to make knives or horse shoes.

    I guess another thing that has me thinking about this stuff is the hurricane. My mom lives in an area of Louisiana that was without power for days, so everyone in the town lost the contents of their freezer and fridge. Mom went to the grocery stores yesterday and she said there was not a piece of meat to be found. It had all been bought out.

    I’ve read Houston is suffering some food shortages too.

  7. Totally thought provoking post ….. thank you, Kitty. I’m happy for you & your clan.

    I’ve just discussed this topic with Andy (crediting you & Blane, of course, for the food for thought) …. at first I surmised that I’d happily stay home from my newly worthless job and enjoy reading the stock pile of books I’ve collected over the years. Andy reminded me that we’d run out of food within a few days and that, “it’d become Road Warrior faster than [I] can imagine”.

    Hmm, I guess I better take Blane’s advice and take up arms.

  8. Blane and I have been at it all week, thinking of who we know with what skills and how we are going to communicate with them when the time comes. LOL.

    He told me he knows a guy with an underground “tornado shelter” in Oklahoma. This same guy owns an army tank and some other whacked things. I had no idea. There are people out there who are prepared for anything.

    There really is some scary stuff going on right now in banking. One of the banks we had some savings in folded and we actually had to do the FDIC thing.
    What’s scarier is how little is left in the FDIC fund right now. One more bank fails and there is no more FDIC money.

  9. Well the Fed has allowed some sort of restructuring that should help. But yeah, that fine print says FDIC has 90 years to pay you back.

    It’s not a bad idea to have your life savings spread out into different banks.

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