Just My Luck

I have a couple of hummingbirds that come in my yard for the honeysuckle. Blane sees them almost every day. By the time he calls me over to see them, they are gone. I’m just dying to get a photograph of just one of them, so I go and get a hummingbird feeder at the store. This will get them to come by more often and up my odds of getting that shot.

Now I know hummingbird snaps are cliche, but I don’t care. I want to test my zoom lens and what better than this bird to push it to the limit?

I almost get him one day. But that’s not the sort of shot I had in mind.

So Monday I’m sitting by the window watching the remnants of Hurricane Ike whip around my backyard. That’s something we never get here, we’re too far from the coast. 

Guess who decides to stop by and sip on the feeder? Yeah. Of all times.

So now I have the camera ready and on a tripod, along with the new polarizing filter so I can shoot through the window glass, but it is just too dark. Too much movement outside. That is a 13 second exposure of a hummingbird in a hurricane. Okay, technically a tropical storm, still odd. Nothing to brag about since it is so blurry.

I did take one photo at 1/6 second and corrected the exposure in Photoshop.

Finally, a hummingbird. Not cliche, no, this is a hummingbird with rain soaked wings. Have you ever seen one not moving his wings?

If you try hard enough, even if the goal is a little stupid or cliche, you might just get a lucky break.

These days I’m photoblogging at TheCuckoosNest , go check it out. If you click on the right side of the photo there you will see another. Just keep doing that and you will see more of them.


9 thoughts on “Just My Luck

  1. I just can’t believe that after a month of trying to get a photo of them I see them in the rain.
    They were going back and forth for about an hour. That never happens when the weather is good.

  2. I always think they area just a little bit miraculous. I know, there are physical laws they follow and all of that blahdy-blah. But to me it is a miracle how they can fly like that. And even weirder when we see them, rareley, not moving as in your picture. Didn’t they used to think in the old days that hummingbirds NEVER land? I seem to recall that….

    Anyway, persistence pays off. Nice job.

  3. Yeah, I’d heard that, they never land. If so, they wouldn’t have feet. This little guy has them and is parked on that feeder.

    I haven’t seen those hummingbirds since the day I took that photo.

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