10 thoughts on “Someone will burn in hell for these things

  1. That’s insane and funny that you used it on your tooth. It’s nice that there are some things we don’t outgrow, like our ability to throw logic out the window when we are doing experiments on ourselves. If your kids asked you if they could use the sponge on their tooth, if you hadn’t already tried that, would you have told them it was okay?

  2. Michele, you’d use it. I can see it all wallpapered up with Clay concert pics right now.

    That’s a good question Francis. Yeah, I’d probably let them do it. Or I’d do it for them.

  3. MagicEraser!!! My favorite product of the century. It is wonderful on sinks, tubs and especially the kitchen stove. What used to take an hour now takes minutes. I love that little white sponge.

  4. I completely forgot to mention Press and Seal. I use that to store paint brushes while taking a break from painting. I can even leave loaded brushed wrapped in that stuff overnight, come back the next day and it’s as if I never left.

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