Naz Tay

I had to borrow Sweetpea’s car yesterday because Blane had mine. I was in a state of shock as I hadn’t seen the inside of it in a while. It looked as if it had never been cleaned. Much like her room.

The floors were completely covered with empty soda cans, candy wrappers, school books, artwork… even clothes. If I had the time, I would have opened all her doors and cranked up the leaf blower on that interior. I didn’t, I was running late.

Getting out of our driveway takes great skill and patience. Precision driving.
We have these rear entry garages with a narrow alley behind the house. Here’s a photo.

If you’re lucky, your driveway lines up with the neighbor’s behind you. Not the case with us. Ours backs up to a tall wooden fence.

I start the car and the CD player is on but between songs. I usually like Sweetpea’s music so I don’t bother to change anything. I concentrate on getting out. I’m late. There is a film on the windows and the sunlight is giving me no visibility. So I roll down the window and am backing out when the music starts.

Hip hop/rap/crunk, not typical for Sweetpea, but whatever, I’m backing out.

And the lyrics start up. Loud. “Back That Ass Up…” (Repeat a few times)

Okay, I’m no prude, I can handle it. I actually think it’s a little funny because I’m backing the car out. The song gets worse, however. Seriously nasty, like worse than Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop.” I stop the car to listen to the lyrics, I mean how bad can a song get?

Bad. So bad I can’t even repeat what I heard.

I was not the only one concerned about these lyrics. The neighbor heard it all and decided to peep her head out the gate to see who was playing that. I hurried up and shut the music down, gave her a weak wave and drove off. Guess they won’t be trick-or-treating at my house this year.

My God I’m so embarrassed.

I need to wash my kid’s ears out with soap. Mine too. My ears, my ears!


10 thoughts on “Naz Tay

  1. Funny thing, she came around making fun of me a couple of weeks ago for listening to Lil Wayne. “Momma, that guy is nasty, I can’t believe you listen to that crap.”

    So yeah, I came home and ran her down, “You got your nerve girl, making fun of me for listening to Lil Wayne…”

    And she said it wasn’t her CD. A friend of hers burned it for her and threw that track on there as a joke. Just wait until I get my hands on that kid.

  2. LOL Michele. It wouldn’t surprise me if you did.

    It’s coming up, Writinggb, when they hit the age of 12 you have to keep the hawkeye on ’em from there on out.

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