One Mo

Sweetpea will be eighteen in a few weeks which means she will get to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

She has registered already and is awaiting her voter card. Yay for her, yay for us, yay for everyone. That makes one more vote for a better country and a better world.

Don’t forget to register to vote if you haven’t already, some states require you to be registered by this Saturday. If you will be eighteen by election day but are not eighteen yet, you can register now in the state of Texas, I’m sure it is the same in the other states if your birthday comes close to election day.

Now watch this video which uses reverse psychology to get the youth to vote. It also has voter registration links and is funny and entertaining and has cuss words…It also does not tell you who to vote for so don’t worry about it dissing your party or candidate.


6 thoughts on “One Mo

  1. I’ll tell her, Michele.

    Yesterday there were a bunch of her friends here and I asked if they were all registered to vote. Only one of them will be old enough by election day and she said she would do it on Monday (the last day to register in TX for the upcoming election).
    I told her I could help her register online and she agreed.

    So that makes two more. Yay!

  2. Thanks, Ruth. She turns 18 on the 23rd. She’s already asking what rules go down the drain since she’ll be “legal.”
    Always knew that one would be a challenge. Sigh.

  3. With all the campaigns and causes asking for money and money being tight, I had to think carefully about where to donate for this election. Finally, I donated for a voter registration drive. Seemed like the best idea.

  4. I love that idea, writinggb.

    I think I will pick up a stack of voter registration cards and get the kids who come over to fill them out or at least let them know I keep them here.

    Hey, all those free sodas, they have to give back. LOL.

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