Simple Halloween Costumes

I’ve been looking through the photo albums for some halloween costumes and have these two so far. Many more to come… I love making costumes and these were simple to make with things I had around the house.

Here’s Blane Jr. when he was just a tot.

That’s just a sheet and some makeup.

And Blane Sr. as Edward Scissorhands.

I wish I had a shot of the scissor hands. I took some black plastic sheets from those school binders and cut them to look like those long shears. We had just watched the movie and Blane had the act down to a “t”. Everyone at the party wanted to just hug him. He won a trophy that night, but I can’t remember the category.

I find the best costumes I’ve made were the simple ones when I was in a time crunch and had to come up with something for that night. My mom is like that too. She is the absolute best costume designer, ever.
I’ll put some more photos up here in the coming days before halloween.


15 thoughts on “Simple Halloween Costumes

  1. The same theory worked with all my childhood costumes. The planned ones never seemed to work out too well, but the ones made on the fly the day they were needed were much better. I went to a school dance one year as a genie, and part of the costume involved a vest hastily constructed from a sheer curtain that had been around for ages.

  2. Yeah, the spur of the moment ones are so much more creative for me. They also take into account what’s in the zeitgeist. Like Scissorhands, that had just come out on video and everyone had just watched it. Not so new that everyone was dressed up like that, but new enough.

  3. Thanks.

    Sweetpea just got a seasonal job at a halloween costume shop. This should be fun. I almost hit the floor when I saw her Alice in Wonderland costume. There is almost nothing to it. Sigh.

    Spanky’s having a halloween party so we bought a pool filter to make the water look like a pool of blood.

  4. Oh, you have to take pictures of that.

    I will be having company from NY, with 2 kids that want to go trick or treating in my neighborhood. I have not done that since I was a kid.

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