Who Stole Obama?

Some arrogant freak had the nerve to walk into my yard and steal my Obama sign. I wish I could say it doesn’t bother me, I can get them for free all day long. As long as it bothers me, the ignot who stole it has met their goal. To piss me off.

My first reaction besides anger was to wonder who would do such a thing. Is it a bunch of teenage pranksters? That’s what Blane thinks. I’ve probably put way too much thought into what type of person it could be. A racist? A religious zealot?

I’ve also probably put too much thought into what they might think about us. Do they think we support an islamic terrorist who is going to convert America into a communist country?

Too much, I say, because I really need to think more about getting even with the bastard. They don’t won’t see/hear my preference for president? I have a two story house, I could put an Obama banner across the upper half with honking lights and another sign that says, “steal this, bi-otch.”

My sign isn’t the only one missing. All the Obama signs in this neighborhood are gone, gone, gone. The McCain signs are still there.

Okay, I’m going move on, get another sign. But how do I keep that one from getting stolen?

I could spray it down with some mace or pepper, but what if some little kid or a dog happens to wander into the yard and touch it? I guess rigging it with a dose of electricity is not a good idea either (yes, I’d have a hidden camera if I did that).

I could chain it to the tree.

Wrap razor wire around it.

Rig it up with a car alarm that squeals, “You’re assaulting me!” if someone just looked at it funny.

I shouldn’t have to do this, it is my own property we’re talking about here. What do I have to do to practice free speech in my own yard?

Any ideas?


34 thoughts on “Who Stole Obama?

  1. Wow, that is annoying and offensive, Kitty. And if all the Obama signs are missing then even if it’s kids it isn’t just a harmless prank. It’s pointed.

    There is an election coming up here in just a few days and though it’s never quite as vitriolic as in the States you do get to know a lot about your neighbourhood by the signs on lawns…

    I’m not good at retribution. I get too mired in the grey. I mean I came up with a banner of “My Lawn. My opinion. I wouldn’t steal your signs. Maybe that’s why I’m voting for Obama” But, it doesn’t sit right or feel honourable to basically accuse all people who do not want to vote for Obama of being thieves…. So… max’s spray-paint seems a viable plan and perhaps about fifty signs… Too many to carry away without getting caught you know?

    Of your own ideas the honking lights and “steal this bi-otch” is quite appealing (smile)

  2. I love that idea of spray painting it on the sidewalk. I could do it with sidewalk chalk. Thanks Max, I might do that.

    Sulya, I see what you’re saying about accusing all people who do not want to vote for Obama of being thieves. I can’t think of anyone in this neighborhood as being the culprit. Blane also said the same about putting loads of signs in the yard and making it harder for them to haul off.

    We have a good mix of races and nationalities. No one group dominates, so it’s not like a “there goes the neighborhood” thing.

    Someone told me people with Obama stickers on cars were getting keyed. As much as I disliked Bush all these years and all the W stickers and signs, I have never done anything to them.

    I have on the other hand been intimidated by others on the road for having an anti-Bush bumper sticker. Extreme tailgating, middle fingers, I’ve even had my car spit on.

  3. There is a lot of anger on the other side directed at us for sure. It’s been that was for years where I live. Not about supporting their side, but about hating ours.

    I’d probably put out a ton of signs and also do some spray painting 🙂 My sign is in my upstairs window so I wont lose anything. Also thankfully the McCain supporters in my area appear NOT to be so angry so my car is OK. I do get a lot of crap from my friends though.

  4. That is awful Kitty – the intimidation, the aggression, the hatred. To key cars and spit and curse someone who simply believes different things than you. It certainly makes a person want to rise back up in hate too — and I imagine the line where I WOULD rise back up is if anyone like that ever tried to do anything to my kid…. I am a much more uptight and gut instinct following person as a mother than I am as a woman. Threaten my kid, I imagine it would be a pretty immediate “get f–king threatened back”….

    I always come back to this idea of what makes the world a better place? Which action can I take that satisfies my need to speak my opinions and express my anger but does not lower me down to the ignorant level of the select group of people out there who would so debase an important governmental election that they would threaten and scare and steal from other citizens? I mean, from what I can see – it’s not like ALL American conservatives are rabid McCain fans and it’s not like all American conservatives are full of hate for Obama…

    I mean, in Canada I’ve known some conservative people who look at some of the more extreme Canadian right wing political actions and politicians and say, “They don’t speak for me. Those are not my conservatives – not my values…”

    I dunno’… It’s really awful stuff Kitty. It makes me so sad and so angry as well. And hate can so quickly breed more hate… I often wish human beings weren’t all so damn cliquey by nature…

  5. I am not surprised by this, given the behavior of McCain and Palin lately to incite hatred. It is a despicable situation they have created.

    Personally, I would not put up another sign. It is not worth it to me to interact with hateful people. I would just go quietly vote for Obama. It’s the vote that really counts.

    We have McCain signs all over my block. Yesterday, we noticed someone had run over one of them. I hate to say it, but I found myself grinning.

  6. Slightly OT, but… At least you seem lucky enough to get Obama signs all day long. Here in Colorado I think only volunteers can get any. I canvassed yesterday, and so I earned a yard sign, which I might give off to another Obama supporter – I don’t have a yard! I can’t even get a button… 😦

  7. Well you cannot use chalk someone will just pee on it and then you will be enraged again. It has to be paint that is hard to remove or deface. But Michele has a point. Ultimately, the vote is what counts.

  8. I’m considering what everyone has said here and appreciate the thoughtful comments.

    Could be Obama signs are so rare here it is a collectible. An investment opportunity, Obama, first black president sign for sale on EBay.

    It is probably hate related, however. It bothers me to think that someone out there might hate us for that sign. They know where I live an might be crazy enough to come back and do some harm.

    So maybe I won’t bother to put another sign in the yard. I don’t think I’ll convince a single person to vote for Obama by having it. Same with a bumper sticker. I don’t want to enrage or provoke anyone.

    But I wish they would think. How can we stop the ignorance, misinformation, fear mongering and intimidation once and for all?

    I will vote. I hope that counts.

  9. I would replace the yard sign as many times as the offender steals it. It’s this kind of dedication and spirit that will ultimately win out. Don’t let your personal philosophies and beliefs be dimmed by the ill-informed and under-educated – or the just plain mean-spirited asses of the world.

  10. I agree with dailytri, saying to replace the sign.
    And maybe add a smiley face to the O in Obama.
    Maybe put one in your yard and one in the window, (as someone suggested.)

    The signs are by design, temporary, right? It’s an easy prank to pull since they aren’t attached to anything. The person who picked up all the Obama signs didn’t actually have to put that much effort into it. And though the effect seems wicked and far-reaching, it’s a fairly obvious prank to pull.

    The issues at hand are very important. The signs are cardboard and wood. You could even make your own signs and stick them up everywhere.

    And wheatpaste is nearly impossible to remove, just so you know…

  11. My Obama sign was stolen last night, lasted a few days longer than yours. I definately agree the sign needs to be replaced. I can’t believe the audacity of the people in this area, as if my voice is not as important as theirs. I’m not going to let these idiots silence me, I’m going to put two up this time. Preventing the next one from being stolen will take a bit of ingenuity but I’ve got a couple ideas:
    Tape a note to the top of the sign that is only visible when you’re close enough to steal it:

    “ATTN: Freedom Hating Republican. You are being video taped. Steal my sign and I will find you/ teach you a lesson about freedom of speach. That’s a promise.”


    “ATTN: Freedom Hating Republican. Each sign you steal will result in another sign being put up and a $25 donation to the democratic party, effectivly making you a cash contributor in the demise of the Republican Party .”

    Of course a camera will need to be placed in the window, not necessarily turned on but they don’t know that. Also thinking about putting a couple tie downs from each corner of the sign. This won’t make it any harder to take, but it will look more permanent and seem like a bigger offense to steal.

    I’m going to go to the local democratic office this week and I’ll pick a few up for us.

  12. Blane Jr, I madder about someone stealing your sign than I am about mine.

    Okay, I want to put up another sign. Maybe I’ll take it in at night so they can’t steal it.

  13. I was talking to the neighbor across the street, also an Obama supporter. He said our HOA forbids political signs and that he had gotten a letter regarding that. I didn’t get that letter.

    So I looked at the deed restrictions and found that it does indeed forbid it.

    But before I found out for sure, we brainstormed how to keep a sign from getting stolen.
    For the Clinton/Gore election season he had the same problem and resorted to smearing dog crap on the sign. It worked.

    We agreed to do a night watch of each others yards. He’s a big guy and he says he’s going to tackle anyone who tries to steal his sign. I’m going to get an 8011b security cam and will have a great YouTube video, I just know it.

  14. You two crack me up.

    I just found a screeching motion sensor I’d bought to keep the dogs from wandering upstairs.

    I’m putting that up in the tree over my sign.

    Since signs are against HOA rules, I’m going to wait until the last week to put it up there.

  15. My deed restriction docs say anyone has a right to trespass in my yard and remove a sign that is not allowed. Whoever is doing this is doing it selectively as the McCain signs are still around.

    So I have a choice. Put it in the yard and have it removed by the Obama haters or put it on the second floor where they can’t reach it.

    Spanky says we should put it on the front door and have a bear trap ready for them. LOL.

  16. This is slightly off-post, but I thought of it with the dog crap smeared on the neighbor’s sign, and with Spanky’s bear-trap idea:
    Have you heard of that prank where someone puts a bag of dog crap on the porch and catches it on fire? Someone did that to my neighbor when I was growing up. They guy ran out and stomped on the fire to put it out and got the burning bag of dog crap all over himself. He always let his dog crap in everyone else’s yard and never cleaned it up. I don’t know who pulled the prank, but I know people loved the idea of getting even with the guy.

  17. The absolute best prank I’ve heard of was the one about the frozen shaving cream.

    You freeze a can of shaving cream and snip off the can with tin snips. Put the frozen hunk in someone’s car on a hot summer day and…

  18. Blane Jr’s sign is brilliant and hilarious! I love it!

    Out here in Santa Monica, CA, my Obama bumper sticker was stolen right off the back of my car! I promptly bought 50 more (if you go onto the website and enter large quantities, they will automatically dive big unadvertised discounts). My idea was to automatically replace the sticker any time it was stolen. Once we hit the 50 day countdown, I started giving my extra stickers away.

    Good luck w/ the signage!

  19. They stole Blane’s wife’s sticker off her car too, I forgot about that.

    Great idea to get a pack of 50 stickers.

    Someone told me to put a $10,000 price tag on my sign, that it makes it a felony if they get caught stealing it. I love that idea.

  20. It is more significant than one might think. the signs are advertisements-and expensive ones at that. republicans invariably fight dirty and democrats, as moral people, are at a competitive disadvantage by being morally precluded from doing the same. This stuff would be funny if it werent for the fact that the repubs have come within three or four months of destroying the world economy.

  21. that sounds like a great idea. you should put up on in your yard for every one that was missing in your neighborhood. like 50 obama signs, in every direction. staple them to the fence.

  22. I was watching the news earlier today and the RNC is saying Obama’s trying to steal the election.

    What a laugh. I guess he’s stealing the poll numbers too?

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