What Would Elvis Do?

Ugh. Someone over at A Hamburger Today came up with this idea for a
Hamburger Fatty Melt which is a hamburger patty smashed between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

You read that right. Two grilled cheeses and a hamburger patty.

I don’t even think a Cajun would eat that. At least not this one.

You know what people wanted to know when they saw that recipe?

Where’s the bacon?

So he put bacon in the grilled cheeses and on the patty and called it The Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melt.

Oh yeah.

My stomach hurts just looking at it. Still, guess what I cooked just hours after seeing that? Grilled cheese. Ah the power of suggestion.


20 thoughts on “What Would Elvis Do?

  1. Ooooh, yummm – I mean, gross! The only way I can prevent myself from wanting that concoction is — not to imagine what it would do to my arteries even though that ought to be a big enough deterrent — no, the only way is to to remember the factory farms. Poor moo cows.

  2. LOL Ginny. Butter on the grilled cheese. Bacon everywhere. It is indeed Ginny’s magic sweet spot of a meal.

    Kitty – I once tried to make myself a grilled cheese and wound up with stitches in both my feet… I am very careful to this day. I hope yours was tasty.

  3. It seems so totally outrageous, but if you stack four slices of bread, that is about equal to a Whopper sized bun.

    The butter and the cheese though. I’d have to run for two weeks to get rid of it.

    Sulya, what the hell happened? LOL.

  4. Well it is a bacon cheeseburger on toasted bread with extra bread pretty much. It just looks very odd. And I do not like bacon on cheeseburgers. But now I am craving a cheeseburger. Oops.

  5. Spanky’s humanities teacher showed his students that web page during class (the original recipe) and the next day one of the kids brought him one of these.
    He ate it and said it tasted like heaven.

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  7. Funny. As I read, I too thought, “Where’s the bacon?!” Before my weight loss surgery, I could have eaten a couple of these for lunch and had room left over for a root beer float. Now, it would feed me for a few days. And nuking stuff like this just makes it more nasty . . .

    But, man, if I ain’t hungry . . .

  8. That will bring you a lot of fats and will make you sick. I am not a burger fan but I might try it out of curiosity as well and who knows it might be delicious. But the in the second photo, man that is too big for to fit in my mouth!

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