What’s Coming?

I took Spanky shopping at the mall last night and noticed for the first time it was too easy to find a parking spot. Walking through the parking garage, I got this eery feeling. There’s only one day of the year when it’s easy to park. Super Bowl Sunday.

That’s long gone.

Getting into the mall, same thing. No people. And it was quiet. Spank and I just looked at each other, like, when are the zombies gonna jump out at us?

We passed by the Helzburg Diamonds shop and I thought about that robbery there over the summer. A gang of guys crashed the jewel cases with crowbars and made a major grab right there in broad daylight. They had a video of it on the news so it wasn’t hard to recreate that scene in my head.

I hate malls. They are so incredibly depressing even when full of people, but when it’s empty, the melancholy just creeps into my soul and hangs around like dampness in a basement.

We didn’t buy a thing. Spanky found the dress she wanted for the dance but didn’t feel like buying. I guess it’s contagious, people not buying, you don’t want to buy anything, either.

I worry like hell for all those people working in there, maybe they won’t have a job very soon. Stuff like that bothers me.


5 thoughts on “What’s Coming?

  1. Yep, maybe I won’t have a job soon, either. Stuff like that worries me. Lots of stuff worries me. What worries me most, though, is that our way of life could go away, and we would need to transition in a very short timeframe to something like…what? What do we imagine as a “next level” society for the U.S. of A.?

    I think, maybe, we’re inundated with financial crisis propaganda; with the possibility of realizing how uneducated we are as a culture; with the idea that Palin as President could happen if the proverbial feces hits the electoral college fan, and McCain becomes incapacitated. As we all know, “stolen elections” happen. I worry. And, I no longer shop for anything that is not absolutely necessary.

    I often wonder if those things that I think are necessary today, will seem necessary in mid- to late-November. I can’t know, so I’ll vote…all the while, knowing my vote means little more than a sign that I’m still in the game. I still care. I have to. I need a winter coat. And some people need food, and heat for the coming cold weather.

    You didn’t ask for my advice, but here it is. Don’t buy anything. Make stuff. Make making stuff cool again. It might be necessary, so we might as well make it bitchen’.


  2. I imagine your tale is true across the country. Yet we can’t get a contractor to return our call to do some work at our house. You’d think they’d be anxious to line up some work.

  3. It was weird like that in Wal-Mart too. WAL-MART! That place is never empty! No screaming unruly children with parents that choose to ignore them. No inconsiderate shoppers clogging the aisles. Nobody. It took me maybe 5 minutes to check out, that NEVER happens.

    I did buy stuff, but that was only because I need to eat. If I could live on air I would… can’t see that happening though.

  4. Linda, I hope everything works out with your job. Sending good thoughts your way.

    I’ve been through the oil crunch of the 80’s in Louisiana. It was sudden but lasted a very long time. That was the economy in which Blane and I began our family life. I watched my parents wealth and future go down the drain as well as various other family members.

    We did leave the area after college but before they recovered. With this thing that’s going on now, there doesn’t seem to be a greener pasture to go to. That’s what’s so freaky, it’s worldwide.

    Franklin, I’m hearing that too about contractors. I don’t know how to explain that.

    Michele, I read something about how people were emptying their pantries right now, not even buying food.

    Maybe there is a bit of panic in the media right now and things will pick up a little bit for the Christmas season.

  5. I’ve seen many Zoombie kind of movies, the best one was Dawn of the Dead and others like Night of the living Dead, Land of the Dead ……. all the “of the Dead” movies.. 😀

    even though financial crisis started in USA it has effected every part of the World , even India and major software companies in India have freeze their recruitment process and have given pink slips to greater numbers….,,, The place where i work is fine as of now ,even though its a software company it is product based.It will take for about a year i suppose in India to get this to normal situation.[Hope for sooner]So this tells us that we got to prepare ourselves for this kind of situation. Say what !.


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